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Eating Whole Eggs?


Is eating 4-5 eggs a day 3-4 times a week unhealthy? Maybe 8 whites and 1 yolk would be beter? Im thinking of cholesterol issues etc...




No other animal would throw away yolks. No other society (not so smartly trained in nutrition) would skip eating the yolks :wink: along with the above reply


My blood work was fine about two months ago and I have spent years often eating up to 10 whole eggs a day. I eat about 4-6 right now as my first meal.


Phew! I also (kinda) had the same worry. There are days I eat up to 12 and on the regular at least 4.


Heh good way to put it

Seems like just about every time we try to outhink/outdo nature - shortening/margarine, nonfat anything, etc - the results are basically disastrous


Whoever tells you not to eat egg yolks is a silly silly misinformed person. It's really a shame how much bad info is floating around out there. It's amazing sometimes how little we all actually know.


boiled or fried? Isn't cholesterol more of an issue with the latter?


Drink em


I eat 5 boiled eggs. Every morning. Im still alive.



This subject has been covered many times. It has been proven through numerous studies, that not only do eggs not raise cholesterol levels, they can actually raise good cholesterol. They do not raise cholesterol. That is fact. You should also review a previous thread on here regarding the myth of cholesterol in general. And how cholesterol itself is not responsible for heart disease.


repeat after me, cholesterol is a myth, it is not the culprit with regards to heart disease, Inflammation is.


Cholesterol is a myth?


What do you mean by ''oxidizing''?? The science part of nutrition flies over my head. Oxidizing as in frying?


beat me to it :wink:


I've also had many whole eggs a day (usually 12 a day for months on end) and my blood work is always great.


ah, I see. In that case, no, I do not eat scrambled eggs that have been sitting out all day. :slight_smile:


eat as many whole eggs as you want, the cholesterol is bullshit


no, cholesterol is not bullshit...


Cholesterol is not BS. Depends on type of cholesterol (ex. Small, dense) along with other factors