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Eating While Working

I’m going to go on work experience for school the next two weeks but I’m on a fat loss plan. I’m getting all of my carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables now, meaning no rice, pasta etc… But the problem is, next week, I’m going to work from 8:30am in the morning to 5:30pm Monday to Friday… How can I fit 6 meals in the whole day?

If it was school, I can eat at 7:00, another meal at 10:45, another meal at 1:45 but now, I only have a break at around 1 o’clock and my first meal will be at around 7:00… Any ideas? I’m not sure if they’ll allow me to eat outside of lunch hours, I highly doubt they will… I don’t have any supplements either that I can make into those shakes…

Some help would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks!

Yep, you eat while working… simple as that. You bring a large water bottle, at least 1 Litre, and you fille that and drink it 4 times a day. Try to time the water bottle filling, with a toilet break, and use that chance to grab your food from the fridge as well.

If people give you crap about it, then you beat them up.

Yeah, I guess but they even gave me a contract so I think they’re really treating me as if I’m going to be a trainee for two weeks so I’ll have to see the first day, but I’ll still try and bring food. Maybe I’ll even bring some packets of nuts (walnuts maybe?) as a snack and see if I can get another meal in before ‘lunch time’.

I dont know whats it like where are you, but here you normally get a couple coffee breaks too, which are great times to eat. At lest it works for me keeps me eating about every 2 hours.

You don’t get any 10-15 minute breaks?

Do they allow smokers to take breaks? If they can smoke, there’s no reason you can’t quickly eat something.

Worst case scenario, carry some protein bars and/or a bag of nuts in your pockets and eat them while on the toilet.

I work as a phlebotomist and cannot eat in my work area, but I do get a 30 min lunch and two 10 minutes breaks. I manage to get 4000 calories a day in, even when I’m working 10+ hours.

One idea is to check out the recipe that Berardi has for “Turtle Shakes”. I’m not sure if they’re listed on here, but in Dave Tate’s log on www.elitefts.com, it’s posted. Good luck man.

Thank you very much for all the replies. I still don’t know if they allow any coffee/smoking breaks. I will have to see the first day I get there, but then I’m still bringing food or at least I’ll try and make some shakes that work and don’t make me gain fat.


Just checked out the shake recipe. It seems like most shakes out there have to have some kind of supplement that you have to buy out there, like Grow! I don’t think I can get those now but I do have some creatine at home if that helps … although it’s only got a few teaspoons left in it… Any other ideas? Maybe I’ll just have to bring some stuff to eat if the shakes idea fails.

Surely they allow toilet breaks then… If they dont allow refreshment breaks then surely you can amaze yourself with how quickly a can of tuna can be downed.

Beef Jerky is another great ‘desk food’ as are salads. I find that my co-workers tend to complain about steamed veggies and fish being eaten in the area, so i reserve these for lunch room feedings.

If your job is that harsh that it wont allow you to perform basic nutrition, then you simply have to question whether compromising your health is worth it. My guess is that whatever job restricts you in this way is not a very good job.

I’m now thinking of using a shake like this… My goal is fat loss… So I don’t know if whole milk/skim milk will be a good idea… but I don’t think I’ll get any coffee breaks or anything so here’s what I’m going to try and do, any feedback will be greatly appreciated. I won’t be able to get any protein powder…

1 cup of whole/skim milk
1 banana
1 cup of egg whites (possibly 3 egg whites)
Maybe a few nuts aside from the shake, they’re easy to eat and nobody will notice.

Is this good enough? The idea of this shake will allow me to get some protein and some carbohydrates.