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Eating while training bad?

I’ve heard a lot of recommendations to eat while training and have a protein shake, etc. Now I was just wondering if this would have any effect with the sympathetic and parasympethetic nervous systems.

The sympathetic nervous system is stimulated during muscle activity. During the stimulation from the sympathetic nervous system your body expends energy and increases activity. When you eat food, it stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which does the complete opposite of and works against the sympathetic nervous system. Now I’m sure it’s not black and white, but wouldn’t eating while working out hinder the sympathetic nervous system from working to full potential?

I could be wrong with this. I was just putting my own thoughts together from information I’ve read about and picked up on. Any input is helpful. Thanks.

-Matt Biancuzzo

Liquid calories are fine. Don’t eat a sandwich.

What you eat during your workout should be diluted to a 5%-10% solution. That way it doesn’t distress your GI.(It doesn’t have to digest it, it can just absorb it from your stomach)

That’s what I was thinking with the liquid because it is quickly absorbed.

Thanks for the input guys.