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Eating While On

I’m hoping somebody can clarify Bill Roberts’ suggestions for eating while on Mag-10. I know that he recommends 400g. protein and 500g. carbs per day for a 200 lb. man; I also know that recommends that “the majority” of one’s calories come from protein and carbs. However, 400g. protein and 500g. carbs is only 3600 calories. If a 200 lb. man is following Growth Surge guidelines for caloric intake, he should be ingesting upwards of 5000 calories. Where do the extra 1400+ calories come from? More protein and carbs? More carbs only? Fat? I’m confused.

I’ve been wondering that also. John or Chris, if you could put out some recommendations on what the macro breakdown is during the GSP, that would be much appreciated.

read Massive Eating fellas

I’ve read massive eating. The reason I asked this question is that Bill Roberts has said that while he advocates a massive eating-type diet under normal conditions, while “on” he recommends that one get very few of one’s daily calories from fat – i.e., he recommends that one not eat massive-eating style.

I’m sorry that I didn’t answer this better. From what I understand, if you are following growth surge, you should use the macronutrient breakdown in part 2 of massive eating. However, if using Bill Roberts / mag-10 plan for success, you only want to go 1000 calories above your maintenance level (approximately). They suggest 400g of protein, 500g of carbs, and whatever calories left over for fat. I think. Good Luck.

Zev - as long as you are getting adequate EFA’s and some other good fats (50-100g), I would bump up my carbohydrate intake. Carbs fuel anaerobic exercise and spare protein. Then again, in this week’s steroid article by Rash Riprock, it seems that you should just get those extra calories any way you can.