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Eating While On Cycle

Just got what I feel confident is real gear this time through a different source so I consider this my first true cycle. I started last week on Balkan Pharm Test-E Retard 250mg/ml and shooting a total of 500mg per week. I understand that it takes a few weeks to kick in and for me to feel it. So, since I don’t want to add fat, or not much anyway, should I wait until it kicks in before I up my eating? Or should I up it now?

I already upped my training of course. I can’t wait until I really start feeling it. Although already I don’t feel the soreness in whichever muscle group I worked the previous day. So recovery seems to be faster. Input on when to up the eating would be appreciated! Thanks.

test e takes between 3-4 weeks to kick in. i would say if u upped your training already, why not your diet too. thats my opinion but its really up to you. clean bulk maybe?

You can easily add fat on 500mg a week, or at least i can so if staying lean is your priority then your going to wanna stay away from junk.

U really need to eat the same way on or off. The biggest problem with most of the people using anbolics is they have no fucking idea how to eat and if they did they could lower the amount of anabolics and get better results.

U need to do as much research on diet as u do an anabolics. It is just as important and I think more important the how u train.

Absolutely. Eating is as important as training, and sleep should also be done correctly, especially during a cycle.

Many people forget to eat enough, even as the above poster stated while off. Protein and caloric intake is the only way to add bodyweight and muscle.

Even going back to Dan Duchaine’s “Underground Steroid Handbook,” the Guru stated that you will get a little fat during a cycle if you are eating enough, which is a lot. It’s part of the deal and can be addressed after the cycle is completed.

Honestly, you should have had this answer long before you started injecting steroids into your body.

I certainly hope everything else with your cycle is in line.