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Eating When Training Twice a Day?


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hi, when training twice a day in an attempt to gain size and strength. obviously its important to eat lots of calories.

How does this go? carbs with every meal more or less? or just in the morning and immediately post workout?

your thoughts thanks.


1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight daily, enough calories to grow by 3-5lbs a month, generally avoid sugar when possible.

Don't train twice a day, just do a traditional bodybuilding program and give it 100% effort.

Don't make this stuff complicated.


its just i like do a session where i just do 5 x 5 on a lift and just give it everything and then do some more volume orientated lifts in the evening as to avoid being in the gym for like 2 hours at a time.


What if its a last resort? My schedule (family, kids, sports, etc) doesn't always allow me to hit the muscle groups like I would want. So 2 days a week i have to do a 2 a day. Its biceps in the morning and chest in the afternoon and triceps in the morning and back in the afternoon. On those days I load the carbs all day. Except for that last little meal before bed.


with 2 a days you should be taking the volume you'd normally do in one session, and simply split it into 2 sessions. Be careful not to overdo the volume. Just eat big after both sessions and you should be fine.


try to ease up on the lower body volume. don't wanna overdo it.


I am going to assume that was sarcasm. I hit legs every Friday, HARD. They are not neglected.


If you dont have the time to commit to the gym 5 days a week why are you isolating the biceps and triceps(apart from to work the mirror muscles)?

Just take the time you have and concetrate on the big compound lifts or reorganise your life to fit more gym time in.

If you are starting out you will see good gains by lifting simply and heavy 3 times a week (if your diet is right) in both size and strength


Sorry - what is wrong with training/isolating the Bi's and Tri's? I will never understand that. This comment is only applicable to someone who ONLY trains those body-parts, and the answer wouldn't be to stop training them, just start training other muscles.

The big compound lifts are most definitely important for every lifter, however, there is no reason on earth someone lifting for aesthetics would just do these and avoid all others.
Not only that but by cutting the workout in half and going again later in the day IS re-organising his life to fit in more gym time!

True. I didn't see the bit about this guy just starting out - must have missed that.
You are correct of course, 3x/wk is ample for a beginner and as (at least) an Intermediate after 10 years, i occasionally still use a 3 day a week rota.

However if someone's life or goals dictate 2 sessions a day once or more times a week.. as mine has allowed at times - stimulating improvements in both fitness and aesthetic - how do you think advising to lift 3x/wk is relevant?



I am hitting the gym 5 days a week. I lift for an hour everyday on my lunch break. i lift with a partner everyday and we typically have a 90-180 second rest between sets. Because of the time constraint we do Chest, Back, Shoulders, Chest, Legs (M,T,W,TH,F). All compound movements.

Shoulders have some isolation at the end and 2nd chest day (my sore spot) has a little isolation at the end. Because I want to hit each part of the arm hard and directly, I have to do it at a different time of the day. And it allows me to really trash them.

As stated above, mostly all our sets are big compound (we move the rep range around every couple weeks). I have no interest in showing, my goal is my avatar, and my life and family don't get re-organized. I re-organize around THEM.

Not just starting out....I am just starting to diet (clean) and track calories right though.


My apologies Mateus I confused your reply with the thread starter( which i think then confused JMO as well so apologies all round) but thats what I get for posting at work in a small window.

The impression that I got was that the thread starter is a true beginner since his question was about elementary bulking and was chasing the golden goose of size and strength at the same time they should concetrate on the simple things and that got mixed in with your post (which I read as you do 2 days per week only). Your clarification makes far more sense.

My only question is why are your legs left till the end? Surely it would be better to work the legs midweek and thus giving you an extra rest day for your upper body.


No Problem. Yeah we have been thinking about moving legs to Wednesday for that exact reason.


There is nothing wrong with a 2x daily workout session for strength and mass gains. I've tried a variation of Chad's High Frequency Training program multiple times and actually use it once or twice a year. High frequency full body training such as two-a-days will definitely supply ample stimulation for growth assuming that you do it right, and, since you're practicing the movements of certain lifts so frequently, you will most likely experience a faster rate of motor learning. Just make sure that your twice-daily training doesn't actually consist of 2 full-length workouts. It's pretty easy to over-train using this method, so I would suggest only doing it 4 days a week tops and have a deloading week after 4 weeks to allow supercompensational hypertrophy and CNS recovery to occur. Anyhow.

Really, it depends on when you train. Your glycogen stores are being tapped into twice a day, your muscles are being fatigued twice a day, so really I'd increase all macronutrient (P/C/F) intake as well as a crap-ton of BCAA's/Leucine. A lot of protocols require that you take in 200, 300+ carbs during peri-workout, but that doesn't sit well with me if you try to multiply that protocol by 2, especially when it's all protein powder and sugars. Whenever I do 2-a-days, I simply just add about 20% to that total, then split my peri-workout protocol amounts in half take in half during each peri-workout. But let's not make this too complicated. Just remember that if you're not gaining weight, start eating more. It's that simple. One last thing. Don't try to kid yourself into thinking that twice-daily training is right for you if your body is trying to tell you otherwise. If you start seeing signs of overtraining, stop.