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Eating when sick (very sick)

All right, so last night something hit me really hard. I couldn’t even keep water down. So now I’m drinking gatorade, eating soup, and taking what the doctor gave me. I was wondering if Whey Protein is easily digestable? Or should I just not worry about it for the next couple of days?

you know, i would worry about getting healthy, but id still try to choke down a few meals. i got sick one day this summer and couldnt even get out of bed, but i kind of forced myself to eat a little protein every 3 hours or so.

I don’t really get sick that often, but when I do, It is huge. When that happens, If I can’t eat, I don’t. I try to listen to my body, and if my body doesn’t want to keep anything down, then I don’t try to force it. I would just try to get better eating what you can. If you can tolerate whey, then great, but if not, don’t try to force your body to do something it doesn’t want to do. Get well.

I agree, - listen to your body and eat what you can keep down and feel like. I think its more important that you get some thing down, to fuel your recovery, than to worry about whether its super nutrition-wise. The faster you get healthy, the sooner you can get back to clean eating and training.

Interestingly, I tend to get a craving for fried stuff when Im sick (but not sick enough to puke), - someone told me its because fat and salt are the things you can taste at that point. So Id eat roast chicken, - lots of nice protein. If you can only drink, try low fat chocolate milk.

Thanks for the advice. It started last night around 130 and 10 hours later I already feel great (well kind of). The pills the doctor gave me helped a lot, I’m a little dizzy, but that’s alright. Normally I don’t like taking pills, but it was absolutely necessary. Keeping fluids down, which is very important, but still no appetite. That’s all right though, I probably have enough surplus calories from the massive eating program.

I’d say stick to liquid foods as much as possible,and protein is very important. But the LAST thing you should be drinking is something like gatorade. Sugar is the #1 immune suppressor. You’re killing your immune system if you eat sugar while you’re sick. Make a P+F shake from protein powder with flax and olive oil. If you want somthing sweet in it, throw in some berry or tangerine flavoured greens+ powder.

same here…I’ve been sick (sinus, chest coughs and etc…not the flu) since midday monday…guess was outside too long shoveling snow…I’m having a terrible time trying to eat…Am very surprised cuz I usually do get hungry every 2-3 hours…today for example, I woke up at 6am…drank alot of fluids and ate some pickles till 230pm…decided to get my ass up and treat myself to burger king…I know…geez…cant a sick fellow be treated just this once…then later around 6pm a protein/flax meal (which I really didnt want cuz wasnt that hungry)…now it is 11pm and I still cant get myself to eat something…good thing I’m a teacher, I havent been to work this week at all (snow). So that’ll give me some time to rest…

BTW…the new fad to seriously work your abs?..Coughing!!!..i notice my abs get serious work when I have one of my sinus coughing episodes…


I was drinking gatorade because I lost a ton of fluids throughout the night. Do you think that is also bad? Anyways, it appears that I’m all better (24 hour flu?). So once again, thanks for the advice.

Even to replace fluids it’s still very bad while you’re sick. The way gatorade replaces fluids is because it has k+ in it and Na+ to retain water in the cell. The sugar in it’s still the same and just as bad. It may not be as palatable but drink water and eat dark leafy greens - they’ve got way more K+ besides all the other nutritional value.

Anyway hope that helps.

Mayfield- I understand why he is drinking Gatorade. When I got food poisoning I had to drink it to rehydrate. But, Pedialite is a way better choice because of the sugar issue. The sugar in Gatorade is not only bad for you to consume regularly, but it can also agravate dehydration. The Doc told me to mix Gatorade half and half with water so that there was less of a chance of it worsening my condition. Hater- Take a BCAA supplement with your soup and possibly glutamine. The same things your body uses to recover from a workout are generally what it’ll need to recover from sickness. I usually eat an ass load of carbs and protein if I can keep it down. Also I sleep on a full stomach. You might have to take a sleeping aid to do this effectively, which I hate doing, but it sure as hell works! I’ve had this work for physical injury as well. I’ll eat a ridiculous amount of food. Drink a lot of water and fall asleep for 10-12 hours and wake up mostly healed! The body is an amazing thing.