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Eating Walnut Oil, Yogurt, and Sardines


So as any informed reader knows, all three of these foods are high in omega 3's, and the yogurt is high in CLA. I've been eating around 4,000 calories a day and most of my fat calories come from these 3 sources (plus red meat), and I've made some of the best gains of my life. I look the most muscular I've ever looked, don't really get sore that much anymore, and I just feel great. Thought I'd share....


yogurt is not high in Omega 3's...but congratulations on your gains


I love canned sardines. Yum yum... Do you drink the olive oil it is packed in?


Drain the oil over a salad or some veggies, yum.


what's with the yoghurt high in sugar and not much else


Have you ever had plain yogurt with little to no sugar? Its kinda bitter.


Plain yogurt with nuts and a shit load of ground flax seed = 500kcals of win with no bitterness.


Or plain yogurt (Fage) with blueberries and walnuts.


Real yogurt is much different from that processed crap. The real stuff is bitter with awesome texture. You are more likely to add something like fruit or honey to it, since sugar is normally not added to it.


I have a great solution.

Plain Yogart
Peanut Butter (I make my own)
1 Scoop Grow! Whey (I prefer vanilla but chocolate is good too)