Eating Very Late At Night...?

Hey, this might seem like a mundane question, but is there really a big issue with eating too late at night? I’m on the “Get-Big-Diet” that I got from here and I have my last meals at about 11:30 right before I go to bed. Is this an issue? Is it true that my body will convert this meal into fat? I have to eat like a machine and I find myself with a bigger appetite late at night than in the mid morning.

Thanks again. the rookie

My very simple and to the point take on this is that if you’re bulking, you want to eat, period.

It’s late at night, big deal. Make very wise food choices in this meal and you’ll be fine.

Do not sacrifice your daily totals by skimping out on a meal.

I’m with Thunder:

Don’t sweat it…eat late at night with some regard for what you’re putting away and you’ll be fine.

You should never eat after 6pm. This is what Suzanne Sommers says, so it must be right! Fuckin’ ditz!

Even when cutting, I ALWAYS eat jsut before I go to bed, ussulay low ft cottage cheese, some EFAs and nuts.

I wake up feeling full and muscular, it made a real difference for me. (allthough I need to wake up for p-ing…)


Hey Loopfitt, Suzanne Sommers must be doing something right since she’s over 50 and I don’t think any of us wouldn’t have a run at her.

But seriously, if I’m bulking, I love to eat late at night. It’s a 9th meal, and gives me more calories.

I literally drop my fork at 11:00 pm and am in bed 5 minutes later. I realize some people have digestive problems when they do this, but I’m the opposite- I get an upset stomach and get too hungry to sleep if I don’t. Always been that way, too, but I keep the meal clean. Plus, I can’t afford not to eat at every available opportunity.

i am with CGB i get too hungry if i dont eat before bed,so i will have a shake and nuts or some FF cottage cheese and nuts

and yes i would still take a run at Suzanne summers haha