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Eating Veggies Once a Day?

So with my new work schedule and being constantly on the run I thought of this idea.

Instead of having my 3 big meals and having meat, carbs, veggies at each one I thought how about:

Breakfast - Meat, rice/potatoes, 2 fruits
Lunch - meat, rice/potatoes, avocado
Dinner (Post workout) - meat and veggies (a BIG BOWL of it).

Has anyone done anything like that? Instead of spreading my veggies out over 3 meals, just eating all of them at once?

These days I literally don’t even have time to sit down and enjoy a full on lunch. So figure being able to make a “chipotle burrito bowl” type lunch is my best option since I can just slam it down.

So a typical dinner would be:
1/2 lb bison
2 cups spinach
1 whole tomato
1 whole cucumber
1 whole bell pepper
bed of asparagus
1/2 cup broccoli

I figure I’m still getting my daily intake of veggies. Any thoughts?

Any thoughts?

I don’t think your veggies intake is low, for me; I consume two big bowls of veggies stew; one with lunch other with dinner. I Also have garden salad with each meal. The ingredients are as follow:

Veggies Stew: (per bowl)
1/4 whole tomato
1/4 whole bell pepper (big one)
1/4 whole onion
25g green beans
25g peas
50g cauliflower or 50g broccoli
5 tbsp spinach
1 small zucchini squash

I made this stew using chicken or beef broth. Typically I boil the chicken or the beef before grilling for sometime then remove it from the water; add some salt, black pepper and garlic to the water and put in all the above ingredients, and let it boil for some time. I usually make big cooking pot that serves 4 bowls, so I have my veggies supply for two days.

Garden Salad:
1 whole tomato (small)
1/2 whole bell pepper (small)
1/2 whole onion (small)
5 leaves of lettuce

I would like to sell you on the benefits of eggs.

First, they provide much needed fat and dietary cholesterol.

Second, they are a far better conveyance for veggies at almost no effort*

They break the constant steam of meat.

They are very versatile and can be premade in many forms and eaten cold or hot

They take almost zero time to prep.

  • couple of cubes of frozen spinach, defrosted overnight
    zucchini, onion, pepper chopped up during your dinner prep (or bought frozen and diced)
    topped with relish (sugar free)

How awesome is that for breakfast ?!?! Disregard if you are allergic

I’ve moved away from traditional meals too. I now eat more foods than meals. Meaning I’ll eat a bunch of greens, a handful of nuts, a plate of meat, etc all separately at different times.

I don’t know of any great reason you need to mix more foods in at a single meal, and there may be befits to not doing it. I’m not hugely dogmatic about it, but I feel like I digest better eating single foods.