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Eating Until You Get Sick?

Ok I wasn’t really sure where to put this but Supps and Nutrition is usually serious questions and issues and this is kinda light-hearted so into GAL in goes…

I’m not really on a mass gaining diet anymore but I’m still eating slightly above maintnence. Still having loads of milk and meat. Yesterday I was getting ready to go out for a bit and I said I’d have a litre of milk and 200g tin of tuna to hold me over until dinner. Anyways, I was just finishing it off and felt a little odd but didn’t pay any attention to it, but just as I walked past the sink(quite lucky I suppose) some of the tuna(mixed nicely with the milk) can back up.

I was kinda shocked and I haven’t felt run down or sick in the least lately. I felt totally grand so I just washed it down the sink and went on my way.

Now, I don’t think this is ‘start a thread about it’ worthy news but I was wondering has this actually happened you before. Feeling totally grand but actually getting sick from being so full. All the advice thrown around here saying ‘eat until you feel sick’, well how bout eat until you GET sick…?

Happened anyone…?

You threw up once. There is no issue here. Babies do that all of the time and no one thinks that spitting up means they are sick. Maybe you ate too fast. Maybe your stomach doesn’t like milk mixed with tuna.

I burp up reminisce of my meal all the fucking time. Like, on the regular.

It’s called left overs. As long as it is less than an hour from eating it still tastes good too.

As Prof X said, perhaps it is the mixture that did it.
In my own experience, I occasionally feel queasy after odd mixtures like that. I always feel not-quite-right after eating tuna anyway, so I’ve replaced it with canned mackerel or sardines.

Also, chew thoroughly and eat with a calm attitude. I’ve also found digestive enzymes taken up to a half hour before eating to be beneficial.

Hell man I feel queasy just from reading about tuna and milk together.

YEa, don’t try doing the milk challenge. I did that this summer, that was rough. Drink 1 gallon in less than an hour. Got the first half down easy. It gets rough after that. I probably had about 3 cups left and I gave up. Didn’t throw up though, almost did.

glad im not the only one. i wasnt as mad at the mess but when i looked in the sink and saw a GIANT mass of food i cringed a little at what i wasted. sad but true.

Nah it wasn’t the mixture, I have those two mixed together nearly every day. I was kinda rushing though so maybe that was it. I didn’t feel any bit sick or anything after it, and since only a small bit came up I didn’t give it a second thought until I was kinda bored on my laptop.