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Eating too Soon after PWO Shake?


Hey guys I got a question. Due to time limitation, I have to rush for my lunch right after my workout. As such, I ingest a big protein + carb meal (about 100-120g carb 40-50g protein) only 20-30 minutes after finishing up my PWO shake that contains about 35g protein and 70g carbs.

I'm aware that I should be waiting for 1 hour before I ingest the meal but due to my circumstances I am unable to change the timing of my lunch. Right now to space it out abit more I'm trying to consume about half the shake while I'm working out and finish the other half just as I finish working out, but I'm not sure how big a difference. Should I:

1) Reduce the amount I eat on my lunch?
2) Reduce the amount of carbs/protein in my PWO shake? (trying this today)

Also, can someone explain to me the potential effects that eating too soon after the PWO shake could have?



I wouldn’t worry too much about it, you’ll still be getting the same number of calories in roughly the same time frame. However, when I don’t have much time between my PWO and my next meal, I tend to drink the PWO shake during my workout.

Try out one of your options and see how it goes


Adding an extra 30 mins between your PWO and meal would make little to no difference in my opinion. What you are doing is fine.


Digestion and absorption of food isn’t instantaneous- you’re fine.


ok thanks i’ll just try to drink most of it during my workout then!


This was a question that’s been in the back of my mind, although my issue is just that I get SO hungry in that hour. Surge seems to kick start my appetite.


I’ve always had that same ?? too…I still try to space mine out alittle, mostly out of just not being that hungry right after workouts and my PWO shake. I till try and wait 1 - 1 1/2 hours before my solid meal though, works better for me personally.


I pretty much only drink my Surge during my workouts. I think though, that if I have a full serving during my 1 hour workout that it will still have the desired anti-catabolic effect while providing me with some hydration and energy to get through the workout itself.