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Eating Too Much?


Hi, I'm 17, 5'11 and have been lifting smart for about 2.5 months (4 months of bad lifting before that.) I started out about 160 and quickley went on a bulk diet following some of the guidelines put out by Berardi.. and everything here. I'm now 185.

The fat gain hasn't been too bad. While my abs are only an outline right now ( and then, when I flex) putting me at what I geuss is around 18% if not 20%, I haven't minded too much because of my muscle gains and my some supportive friends.

My eventual goal is limitless but I decided to place a serious evaluation point at 200.

What I was wondering is if I should now start becoming more careful. My calorie consumption is 4500-5000 a day with protein levels going from 270-300. I know this is higher than Berardi's guidelines but I based it off his original diet ( as he listed in his superhero article) and advice I read from many coaches telling younger lifters to worry less about this.

While I don't mind putting on fat ( for instance, now I feel fine and I still fit into my clothes), I would not like to go much higher in bf. The answer seems obvious to me, back down calorie consumption by about 1000, but I don't want to limit my gains in any way.

Thanks in advance

P.S. I should add I've done abbh 1 and most of 2 and plan to do CT's powerlifting pendulum next.


P.P.S. Sorry, this has little to do with my original question but I'm starting to notice some joint pain when I squat. I heard it's common but it seems like it shouldn't be for the weight I'm squating and my age. Any ideas?

Thanks again


If you can still see the outline of your abs your way closer to 10% than you are to 20. So I would say no. I have to say its all about your goals. If you wanna maximize the growth potential of being a newbie then eat alot of lift hard and worry about bodyfat when ya get some decent size on ya. As a newbie you can lose bodyfat and gain size or gain size with no real nutritional backing but this is stupid. My opinion is do it up and don't waste your early gains. If ya wanna minimize fat gain keep it clean.

BTW this comment makes no sense.

Obviously you do care about fat gain or this wouldn't be an issue at all. Gaining fat is part of bulking. If you feel like your gaining too much fat instead of cutting back calories,up your physical activity. Also the idea is that you don't want your clothes to fit anymore. You want to outgrow them in the right places(pretty much everywhere but the waist)


Which joint? Describe the pain (ie is it when you squat, is it constant/ intermittent, is it worsened by any activity, is it sharp or dull, does it feel like muscular/tendon/bone pain?) Be specific.