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Eating Too Much Food


I see these perfect diets for gaining lean muscle. For instance In "Muscle and Fitness" Mag it has a diet that has you eating eight times every day. Not to mention a lot of food. I thought the whole idea was not to over eat. Granted the foods are a much healthier choice than per say eating out all the time.

What I am getting at is, I can't fit all this food. It says 4 eggs, 2 cups of oatmeal, 30g whey protein, 12oz of fat free milk, 8oz orange juice, and 1 apple. Now 2 cups of oatmeal unprepared looks little until you cook it. This is rediculous. My stomach is full before I finish half the oatmeal. Forget the apple. It expects you to eat like this all the time. Any suggestions? Or does everyone have a stomach the size of a Basketball?


Well, it sounds like you're right around the size of what I am usually. That diet would be okay if you're pretty big, but you're not, you need to work your body up to handling that food. I'd say go with half the oats, take out the OJ and you should be good to go. This shouldn't fill you up and give you a good breakfast.

Oh yea, don't read the muscle mags seriously.


The problem with a diet that tells you exactly what to eat is that it doesn't take into account body size. Obviously, people eat different amounts and require different amounts of calories for their goals.

Read up on a lot of the diets here (T-Dawg, Temporal Nutrition, anything by John Berardi or Lonnie Lowery) as a starting point.

Chris Shugart has a couple good diet articles too.

All of them will help you learn how to figure out what YOU need to eat in order to achieve your goals.

BTW, I can't eat 2 cups of oatmeal with an omelet either.


no such thing as eating too much when you're trying to put on muscle.

Practice eating more and more and it'll become second nature, I'm starving every 2 hours I don't eat.


If you can't fit all the food, start with foods that are more nutritionally/calorically dense. Maybe later then, you can fit the fluffy health shit. Not that nuts, cheese and avocados are bad for you, but they're also not exactly rabbit food.


Bullshit. You can DEFINITELY eat too much when trying to gain muscle. The breakfast outlined in the original post (upwards of 1500 calories it looked like) will pack on muscle...and a huge chunk of fat. That much food could be spaced over 2 or 3 meals for most people.


Not you again...



I'd rather pack on 20lbs 50/50 fat/muscle in 20 weeks than wait years for those gains eating 20 calories above maintainence.

And we're not most people, we're lifters.

Lift. Eat. Grow.

And clarify which "you" you're talking about Analog_kid, you quoted 2 people.


4 eggs, some oatmeal and some milk comes to 1500cals? What the fuck are you smoking?


I'd like to see someone get fat by eating eggs, oatmeal, protein shakes, juice and apples. Seriously.


4 eggs, 2 cups of oatmeal, 30g whey protein, 12oz of fat free milk, 8oz orange juice, and 1 apple.

4 eggs is probably about 300. Oatmeal 600 if that's raw and it probably is. Who would cook up oatmeal and measure out 2 cups? Whey protein's about 100. An apple about 80. Orange juice maybe 120. Milk another 120. So, it's not too far off. Not necessarily the worst thing in the world. But a pretty big breakfast.


Not too difficult. You can get fat eating 7000 calories in apples. But few could ever do it.


It isn't the worst thing at all. I have doubts to some skinny kid being able to get that much down in one sitting, but what is the deal with the rising wave of people logging who are afraid to eat, afraid to grow and actually seem to be putting down bodybuilding and bodybuilders on a bodybuilding discussion forum? My usual lately is 10 whole eggs and about a cup of oatmeal. How stupid is the guy who makes a claim like one large meal will cause fat gain as if they don't understand that your body doesn't respond that drastically to only one single meal?


Interesting discussion. If you are trying to gain mass and are on a 5000 cal/day "diet", then 1500 cals for breakfast is entirely appropriate. It should be the biggest meal of the day, no matter how many feedings a day you have. If you can't eat that much, you just aren't trying hard enough.

It's ok to spread it out, as Lonnie said, but you should work up to just plain eating more. A 130lb weakling should probably start out at maybe 3500 calories, and gradually increase it. Don't go from a piece of toast and some milk for breakfast one day to 1500 calories the next. You'll surely get fat from doing that.


Lonnie123, we seem to get into this same battle on every single thread. Your opinions are the reason that you are 5'10 and 170, not 230.

To the OP, my breakfast is 1500 calories, then about two hours later I take in a 1000 calorie 90 gram of protein shake. 2 hours later lunch, which today was a 20 oz steak, baked potato and salad, 2 hours later another 1000 calorie shake, and then dinner which is 2 chicken breasts and skim milk.

You can do it, you will just have to work yourself up to becoming an eating monster.


Damn... Kind of a light dinner though. Is there a specific reason for that?


This is what I looked like after about 11 months of eating this way. The picture on the left is me at about 155 or so at 5'10", the picture on the right is me at about 210. See... I DO know how to put on weight!

The reason I discourage new people from eating THAT MUCH food is because your body doesn't put on muscle according to your food intake over maintenece. If you can only gain .5 pounds of lean mass per weak(A standard rule of thumb), why would eat to gain 2 pounds per week of weight? Your body doesn't suddenly produce 2 pounds of lean mass. It produces the same .5 pounds of lean mass and stores the other 1.5 and fat.

I used to think that eating everything in sight was the way to go... and then I got fat. I was lifting 4 to 5 days a week and I got fat, not built, because of the amount of food I ate (My food choices were pretty good I would say). If you weigh 250 lean like Professor X I would say you were stupid if DIDNT eat 1,000 calories for breakfast (and nearly every other meal), but most of us dont.

You weigh 210 at 6% body fat... you are NOT normal when it comes to what someone should eat. You carry around MUCH more lean body mass than the average lifter and therefore you diet advice should be scaled accordingly. If someone has 30 pounds less muscle than you, YOUR breakfast will hardly be necessary for them, muchless the 1,000 calorie shakes you drink every few hours.

The original poster is 180 at 15% BF.

You = 195 LBM
Him = 153 LBM

You have 40 pounds of LBM on this guy, and you recommend he follow the same diet plan? Did you eat the same diet 40 pounds ago?


Back when I knew shit about nutrition I used to eat AT LEAST that much for breakfast. I never got fat. In fact, I had "ABS"


Why do you pretend as if genetics are not a factor? I have always needed more food than average to gain weight. No one would think that by looking at me now but not everyone would even respond like you did. In your pics, it looks like you either ate too much or didn't lift hard enough, one of the two. Why try to convince the world that everyone has your genetics?


I don't think anyone made that claim. I guess Lonnie was the closest to it. What makes the most sense to me is the person who said they were cookie-cutter programs and that the original poster should work up to it if he couldn't handle it. Certainly he can get the calories he needs to grow without eating that amount in one sitting.