Eating Too Much Beef?

so i recently found a supplier of grass fed beef and i love it. dunno if its all in my head but i think its 100x better than grain fed. i know Shelby and Meadows talk alot about how good this stuff is for you, but can eating too much of it be bad for you?

i have been eating this almost 3x a day for the past two weeks and love it. i still include other meats like eggs, chicken, salmon and tuna. just wondering… thanks!

In my honest opinion, i think about this same subject almost every day when i have my rice milk shake with whey protein and bowl of chicken eggs and rice. I don’t think your brain engraves what you eat just as it does with neural motor patterns from repetition.

Food is used simply for fuel, you get the energy from food and it goes to work. So, no i do not think eating something too much can have any negative effects, along the lines of grass fed beef.

As long as it doesn’t contain bad stuff there should be no problem. Eating grain-fed beef with a lot of fat of bad quality 3 times a day may be a bad idea over a long period of time. But eating something like grass fed beef all the time seems like an awesome idea to me. Actually I do it myself.

Modok, your completely right. I was trying to keep the answer kind of “quick” as i thought the question he was asking was, “is eating too much of a good thing bad”. I wasn’t trying to give incorrect information, Thanks for taking it further. Everyone should know what you stated