eating too much at one meal

Hello all. Since today was Easter the restaraunt I work at was extremely busy. I started at 8 am and left at 6. I was working nonstop so all I had to eat was 2 meal replacements (Myoplex) and 8 600mg fish oil caps. I had one meal at 8 and one at 3. There was no way I could have eaten every three hours today and this happens quite often. When I left work I was so hungry and I stopped at this chicken plac and ate an entire rottiserrie(SP?) chicken. I drank plenty of water so that i not an issue. My question is, for someone who is mostly concerned with strength (I dont want to look like total shit though) is it a problem to eat like this once in a while? Im trying to get at least 300 grams of protein a day. I look and perform best when I consume a higher ft less carb approach. I figure eating a 2 pound chicken probably has over 100 grams of both fat and protein but I dont know how much I actually utilize. Any suggestions?