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Eating Too Little?


I started dieting a little over 2 months ago, because I was tired of being an extremely fat piece of crap! (as you can see I love myself so much) I'm 17 6'0" and in the past 2 months I have gone from 294 to 261. Am I loosing weight too fast??

I used to eat ~3500 calories a day of anything in sight. But now I eat 1500-2000 a day of egg whites, chicken, turkey, vegetables, tuna, beef, wheat bread, and the occasional anything in sight. Is that too little?

I don't think I am loosing muscle since my # of pushups has gone from 13 in a set to 18, and my curls have gone from 7 reps of 35 to 10 (sadly the only weight lifting I have available atm.)

Now for a problem I have, I want to get to a gym and start lifting again. I used to lift ~ 1 1/2 ago with decent results, I had lost 20 pounds and brought my bench from 135-225 in like 6 months.

I am broke, but a friend of mine promised to pay for my gym membership when I hit 240, I didn't really need the extra motivation but shit I'll take it. So should I cut my calories even more and run more so I can hit that 240 faster, or would I loose too much muscle??


hey bud,

I usually don't make assumptions about a person's metabolism and how much they should be eating, as I've seen some wildly efficient and inefficient metabolisms, but in your case.....at 264 pounds, I highly recommend you eat more than 1500-2000 calories. I assume even at 264 you are carrying a lot of bodyfat. The reasons for the increase in push-ups is simple really...adaptation and the big one.....you lost 30 pounds. At your weight I also would not recommend a lot of roadwork either, I doubt your joints could take it in the long run. I would focus on increasing my calories slowly, possibly 300cal a week for each day, and definitely try to go ahead and get access to a gym.

Since you sound like a complete beginner, I would probably recommend a fullbody routine, which I personally do not like for myself for aesthetic reasons, but for a beginner I think the frequency is good because most do not know how to push themselves yet, plus practicing the big lifts multiple times per week is a good way to learn and become proficient in a shorter amount of time. If you can sprint, I might throw in one day of sprinting or jump roping, and the rest could be steady-state cardio, low impact, for 30-45 minutes per day for 4 days per week or so. Just don't overdo the cardio yet, and definitely don't decrease your food intake, as at this point you will be starving your body and forcing it to adapt by storing much of what you consume as fat and burning amino acids and muscle tissue for energy. You don't want to bring out all of your guns at once and have nothing left to finish off the fight. BTW, I don't think that 2 months is too fast to lose 30 pounds, as fatter people can safely lose much more weight than fairly lean people.


Yeah, I agree with the last post.

Don't bother running when you are overweight and out of shape. Also, don't try to starve your body into submission, it will fight back.

If you are out of shape and overweight, put on your shoes, walkman and a pair of shades and walk around for the afternoon. Do this without eating crappy food or soft drinks and you'll be doing a fine job of losing weight.

Then, keep doing whatever workouts you are doing that don't involve the gym. Take a look at some programs here, such as "fat to fire" or some such.

You can lose weight fairly quickly when you are quite overweight, but it will certainly slow down over time.

Good luck.


I would go even further and say that I feel he is not only dropping weight too fast, but his calories are so low that he may want to spend a couple of weeks INCREASING calories until his weight levels off. From there, the previous pointer made good recommendations and this guy can begin dieting again, hopefully with a better understanding of his approach. Your body doesn't want to lose body fat if you are starving yourself.

The majority of the loss will end up being muscle mass and "water weight" (which depending on how much fat you were carrying, could be as much as 15lbs or more). For someone over 260lbs, trying to restrict calories that much below 2,000cals sounds like a great way to burn yourself out and run into a brick wall in terms of progress.