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Eating To Much Good Food

Hi people

I was wondering if u guys think eating to much good “clean” food can be bad for fat loss.

What im getting at here is im a tall sucka and have a huge appatite and like to eat a lot of food,but i dont want to get fat along the way,my fat goes directly onto my stomach :frowning: .
I notice Dr berardi eats a lot of food 4000 cals plus and looking at his picture hardly has any fat on him.I know u will all say food combinations p + f p + c have an effect as would cardio and other forms of exercise .Im looking to put on some size but not looking to get chubby,i know a little fat aint bad because i can diet it off.So if im eating all nice clean foods eg- steak ,fish,pasta,eggs etc etc will that turn me into a slob or a muscle building machine?
Ur opinions would be appreciated.


If yor are working out and eating a surplus of clean foods then your gains should be mostly muscle.

There’s no one-size-fits-all diet. If you’re prone to getting fat then you should avoid empty calories mostly found in processed foods. You must eat protein and fat. Yes, I said fat. It will keep you from getting hungry too fast and provide less calories than if you would eat all of that “low fat” bullshit. Good sources of fat and protein should be the staple of your diet. That way you can easily eat 3-4 times a day and get enough to grow without getting a gut.

And since you tend to get heavy you should own a scale and monitor your weight every weekend morning to see where you stand. Obviously more than 1-1.5lb per week would mean you’re getting fatter. But to be honest, if you do cardio or especially HIIT/Tabata/GXP then you shouldn’t worry much.

w2097 is right on target.

A rule of thumb I use, is to always have some complete protein with every meal, which I?m sure you do anyway being that youre on this site.

As far as fats and carbohydrates, I find the best thing is to scale back the amount of fat I eat with a high carbohydrate meal and limit the carbohydrates I eat with a high fat meal.

So if I?m having a protein shake with whole milk, I?ll either limit or totally omit the olive oil from the two bowls of brown rice and carrots I?m eating.

If I?m eating 6 eggs scrambled in 3 tablespoons of coconut oil with an avocado and half a cup of heavy cream, I?ll limit my carbohydrates to a carrot.

Some people advocate eating either carbs or fat with protein, but never both together. I tend to disagree with this because I firmly believe that protein should always be consumed with fat for best assimilation, as this is how it is always found in nature. That?s why eating ?egg whites?, lean meats, skinless chicken breasts and skim milk is so foolish and contrary to the goals of bodybuilding.

Also, I have found through experience that certain foods, irrespective of their caloric or macronutrient constitution, are more disposed towards inducing fat gain in certain people over others. For example, I can eat brown rice with abandon and stay shredded, while eating the same or even lesser amount of pasta straps fat all along my waist. However, this can be do to possible food allergies or low grade food sensitivities. This is something you?ll have to spot for yourself by remaining attuned to your body composition before and after consuming certain foods.

Lastly, I should add that avoiding consumption of alcohol is key to staying ripped, both because of the empty calories it contains and the fact that it slows your metabolism thereby promoting fat gain. So next time you sit down to eat, limit or skip the wine and beer if you happen to drink.

Here’s a secret: eating too much food can cause increases in body fat.

Healthy, lean, greasy, fatty, slimy, dry, high fibre, low carb, high carb, it all supplies energy to some degree. Supply energy to your body in excess of what is required for maintenance and growth of lean tissue and you will gain fat.

Get a scale and a food log and track how much you eat and how the scale (pref body comp) changes.