Eating to Keep up Noobie Gains

I’m 23/F (5’9 175lb) and I crossfit 4-5 days a week, I go to a normal gym 2-3 days a week and I do powerlifting on Sundays. It seems like a lot, but I still have 1 active rest day and a full rest day.
When I started CrossFit I couldn’t get out 5 pushups from my knees, I could clean 25lb (if I was lucky). I’ve since lost 25lb in four and a half months.
I clean 100lb, deadlift 210lb, and squat 120lb.

I love the results I’m seeing but I haven’t altered my diet in any way, other than eating a heartier breakfast (4 eggs, 200g of bacon, a yogurt and coconut water with spirulina). I know I’m still ‘young’ so my gains are going to continue to grow at a higher rate, but I’m worried that I’m going to start to peak soon and I want to stave it off for as long as possible, hopefully by changing my diet.

My question is HOW should I change my diet?
Apart from my gluten intolerant powerlifting friends, I don’t have anyone to look upto for advice.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

First, congrats on your progress!

Second, do bear in mind that a burn out is possible, so keep an eye on your body.

Okay, now a disclaimer: I am gluten intolerant lol, but I’m not gonna suggest all GF revisions.

I personally base my carb intake on the intensity of the workout (judged by you, of course), and when it is. Example: I usually work out in the mornings, so I’ll have my carbs the night before, and if I’m awake enough, about an hour or two before the workout coupled with some protein (eggs, pork, bacon, left overs, whatever). My carbs, even when I am trying, don’t typically go over 100g, but my body is okay with that, whereas you may need something like 150-200g due to the volume of workout days you have.

As for the protein, I usually the bodyweight in grams and how full I am after shoving my face full of it. I try to have as much protein as possible with vegetables because I’m limited in options by being GF, but if I was to outline a meal before working out the next morning, it would look like this:

2 eggs for breakfast

Protein (pork or whatever I had for dinner) with some vegetables

Vegetable snack

Protein coupled with a ton of butter, vegetables, and a starch/carb (rice or sweet potato)

Chocolate (I think a “shit ton” is an accurate description)

So far, this has been my outline for almost the past year, in which I lost 8lbs of fat and gained it all back in muscle.

When something doesn’t work, don’t be afraid to toggle. Keep protein and carbs up, allow some fat, and make sure you have some variation in vegetable colors.

I’m no expert, but I REALLY wouldn’t worry about plateauing so soon. If you have only been at it for a few months… I’m sure you will be surprised at how long you will continue to make gains for. Especially if you are continuing to vary your training between powerlifting and cross fit… Your body will stay guessing.
Also, I agree with Searchel, watch out for overtraining and burn out. Yes, you are still young. However, when I was 20, I could lift 4 hours a day, 7 days a week with no burn out, or overtraining. Only a few years later, (I’m almost 26) that is not the case. And I cannot handle nearly the amount of training as I could when I was a “noob”

Congrats on your weight loss, and your accomplishments so far. You’re doing great!
With the amount of training you’re doing. ENOUGH food is really key here.
I am no nutritionist though. But, ya gotta eat! (good food that is)
that’s my 2.2 cents.