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Eating to Gain Muscle!


OK... When I started lifting ... I was a retarded f**k anxious to know everything .. and I was more interested in losing fat and getting ripped .. As I reached a decent point(from 18% to 13%) I figured that I should try to gain some muscle mass and strength .. SO I looked up a few routines and finalized with a bunch of Chad Waterbury's ones...

SO I have only one question , while trying to lose fat I had focused on eating a much more low carb diet. NOw since I am not thinking about losing fat for the time being... I was wondering whether anyone could guide me through through a diet aiding towards size gains with least amount of fat gain !
THanks a lot,


Try the anabolic diet or the t-dawg diet. As long as you’re lifting hard and eating relatively clean, you should gain more muscle then fat. If you really started to gain fat, try adding some cardio (HIIT) in on off days.


4 days of weightlifting
3 days of running
skip pattern

eat alot of protein
alot of carbs


[quote]salefske wrote:
4 days of weightlifting
3 days of running
skip pattern

eat alot of protein
alot of carbs


#1.) Stop plugging your stupid little group on facebook. In the description you already sound stupid:

"For Individuals who seek the maximum in anything they do. Specifically fitness. "

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#2.) To the Orignial Poster:

If your switching from a “cutting” type phase to some sort of “bulking” phase (basically just adding calories) your going to want to have a short (4-6wk) maintaince phase first. This is because you have to give your body time to adjust to its new bodyweight. For instance, if you were cut down to 150, then bulked up to 200…and then maintained; your body would “yo-yo” and end up in the 175ish area. See what I mean? It’s boring to do; but it’s worth it.

As far as increasing muscle size. Be smart about when you eat your carbs and how many you have. Time them around your working and in the mornings. Eat a lot of protein and don’t be afraid of fats. try to keep your meals either protein and carbs or protein and fats (carb/fat meals aren’t too desirable)

The T-dawg diet is pretty good for a transition from cutting to maintaining; but for bulking…i’d just take your diet at the time and add more to it; slowly (300-400kcal every 2 weeks).

Good luck!


Ok i am actually on a maintainence phase for themonth of august !
eating healthy carbs mornings and around workout
protein and fats also come in btw !


Good luck then!