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Eating, Timing with Indigo-3G


Ok I read the articles but it doesn't really get into details about anything other than peri workout nutrition. I try to read the livespills but they're so many and it ends up giving me a headache lol... so I thought I'd post some questions here... hope you can help out...

My goal is strictly fat loss and hopefully i'll get around to starting a log like everyone else. But just to get me started i'll give you some quick info I'm 5'10" 235lbs. prob around 15% body fat. I usually look my best around 200lbs or so. I get my best results from low-carb/ velocity type diets...

1) Other than peri-workout nutrition, what should the rest of your meals look like?

2) Should you only take Indigo before carb meals? Or can you take it protein + fat meals as well? My plan was to use the peri-workout nutrition protocol that it outlined but I planned on staying lower on carbs for the rest of my meals and on non-workout days... Or should the 3 times I take Indigo be only with carb meals?

Will I negate the effects of Indigo if I take it with a protein + fat meal? I know everyone says take 4pills 3x a day but I heard a few go with 6pills x2... That would seem better to me in terms of my goals... waking up taking hot fox and indigo, then 45min fasted cardio then immediately eating 1cup oatmeal with a protein shake and maybe a yogurt... then protein + fat meals the rest of the day, then 6pills indigo before peri-workout? Or sticking to the 4pills x3 but still only eating the 2 large carb meals and the other dose with a low carb meal...

Training days: carb meal for breakfast, and peri-workout 6pills x2 or
carb meal for breakfast, carb meal for lunch and peri-workout 4pills x3 or
carb meal for breakfast, peri workout, rest lower carb 4pills x3

Non-training days: carb meal for breakfast, rest lower carbs...

3) I read somewhere that we shouldn't take Indigo with Superfood and Rez-v... are there any others to omit? Can we take it with HOT-ROX, Receptormax and R-ALA?

Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated...

  1. Healthy food. Push clean carbs. Some examples:


  1. Don't do a low-carb diet.

12 capsules per day. Taken 40-60 mins before meals or peri-workout supps. Spread them out. Don't be finished with all 12 at 2PM for example. Indigo is in your blood for at least 4 hours, and gene expression lasts much longer than that. No need to sweat the details.

  1. Do not take 2 x 6. We tried it, didn't work as well. 3 x 4 is the way to go.

  2. Those other supps are fine. But avoid tea. See label on bottle.

Get a log started ASAP and we'll be better able to guide you along. Thanks!


Whoa.. Please post pics of said hot fox you're taking upon waking. That should count as fasted cardio...



LMAO! Whoops! damn auto correct! Just downloaded os x lion... Hot fox would def be better than HOT-ROX and fasted cardio though!


In your reply, you say to avoid tea. Would you expand on this? No tea at all while you are taking the Indigo-3G? I drink a fair amount of green tea each day and wish to know if I have to eliminate this when I start the Indigo-3G.
Thank you.


Quercetin-3-glucoside inhibits cyanidin-3-glucoside absorption. D-glucose and phloridzin have only a small effect on uptake, whereas quercetin has competitive inhibition.


Thank you for the reply.
One additional question. With Biotest Superfood including green tea, does this mean I should not be using Superfood during the use of Indigo-3G?


I would not use Superfood. Or Rez-V if you are taking that.


I just received an initial 6-week supply of Indigo. I called Biotest to inquire about what flavones, fruits and vegetables to avoid per the Indigo label. The response was that I should avoid RezV (which I use), Superfood (which I don't use) and Green Tea (which I never touch).

I thereafter saw Chris Shugart's reply in this string, which I read to suggest that RezV (among other supps) is fine with Indigo. Am I reading that correctly? If so, why the apparent discrepancy?

Shugart also said to avoid "tea"? Does that mean any tea, or just Green Tea like Biotest told me on the phone?

Finally, is 7,8 Benzoflavone something to avoid with Indigo?