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Eating the Same Things


I have no problem with eating the same things everyday just so I can follow a schedule exactly; for example chicken would be my primary meat source for protein everyday because it is cheaper to buy in bulk and I can eat it cold if I am on the run and away from the microwave. My question is does the body get used to eating the exact same things everyday and diminish potential gains compared to if I were to mix things up a bit? Remember I have no problem with eating the same thing on a continual basis.


If anything the body would get BETTER at absorbing and digesting the same thiong every day. Just like training if you do the same thing all the time the body adapts and gets very good at it.

I see no porb with it aside from boredom as long as that basic everyday eating is varied. Has tons of various fruits and veggies etc. You want to be sure your getting not just proper K/cals but macro and micronutrients


I agree with this, as long as you vary your intake of all other items like fruits vegies, and starches. When you have time, make sure you make other stuff though, your body needs as wide a variety of stuff as possible really in order to opitmize nutrition.


Interesting response. props bro. I agree.


I believe and have experienced that to frequent eating of things can lead to partial allergies to them. I used to be able to eat oatmeal fine, and I had 2 cups a day for a while.

Now, when I eat oatmeal, I get extremely tired and fart a lot. Also happened with cottage cheese and nuts when I ate to much of them, all though those symptoms have gone away now that I eat normal amounts of them. It's not good to develop these "allergies".

I know this is something that hasn't been talked about on T-Nation and many people won't agree with me, but I do believe a good diet should have a big variety.

I don't really understand why bodybuilders always eat the same things. Its not like it's hard to add variety. There are many good choices for protein, carbs, fat etc.


Uh, farting is not an allergy symptom. Being tired is not an allergy symptom. No one gets stung by a bee and just starts farting nonstop.


Allergy isn't really the right word for it. All I'm saying is, eating tons of the same things eventually causes your body not to accept them as readily.

It's kind of like diabetes. Eat tons of sugar and have your insulin jacked not stop, and eventually your body can't produce as much.

What if the specific enzymes needed to digest their corresponding foods had the same effect upon them?

I know there is not much science behind this, but I think we can all agree the human body is not fully understood.




Wouldn't life be great if bees could do that.


diabetics and insulin is a totally different thing man. The receptor gets desensitized in typeII.

As far as digestion of your oatmeal goes, maybe too much results in some kind of backlog of some indigestible portion of the oat? Say like traces of oat husks build up and the gut flora nutrify in response, creating gas much similar to the undigested skin of beans.

Usually gas is a result of water retention(osmolarity imbalance) or some issue with the gut flora.


Fatigue IS an allergy symptom.


He didn't say he was "fatigued". Being tired, as many often feel if they are very full, is not the same as "fatigued". Along with that, fatigue itself wouldn't present itself without any other symptoms related to allergies which makes using it alone as an indicator a move based on misinformation.


No it is not about being full. Trust me, I have tested this many times. I eat oatmeal and I feel shitty. I eat something different and I feel good.


Then quit eating oatmeal. Regardless of what you do, quiot using the term ALLERGY any time you find a food source you don't like. Apples sometimes make my stomach hurt. That doesn't mean I am ALLERGIC to apples. Everyone isn't made the same. That doesn't mean that you have a disease process going on simply because you respond differently to something.


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then where's that bloating gonna go?