Eating techniques

May sound a little strange but does anyone have good advise on increasing total food consumed by using specific eating techniques? For example: Drink very little while eating, eat quickly, chew less, eat low fiber foods first, etc. Thanks.

Lets see…This is a pretty good topic for those who have a hard time eating enough. I’d suggest drinking a lot of juices, eating high sodium foods as snacks, and whenever you get a big plate full of food eat the protein portion first to make sure you at least get that in. You might also want to experiment with drinking warmer beverages…I know ice cold water has a reputation as being an appetite suppressant and I know my nightly cup of hot tea does stimulate my appetite so experiment!

If all you want to do is increase the amount of food you consume, do just that. Eat slightly bigger meals (but still stick to 5-8 per day). Ever notice how after a big meal you seem to get hungry again sooner than if you had eaten a smaller one? The reason is that the stomach stretches to accomodate more food and when it empties, it takes a larger volume of food to fill it and feel full. End result: hunger, and lots of it. Pretty simple, but I’m not sure that’s what you’re asking for. Anyway, hope this may help.

Drink less liquids when eating solid meals or use liquid meals to get in more cals i thnk that a liquid is absorbed faster and thus you can eat more

find one of those websites that give tips on how to lose weight and do the complete opposite (ie. eat while watching tv, don’t eat slow) and eat caloire desense foods, like pasta and pancakes may not be the most nutritional sound foods but take it in with some protein and ur good to go, beside it beat teh shit out of having to drink some oil cause u realized u are really shy of ur caloire requirement (happened to me last night…olive oil tastes gross!)

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Be well hydrated before you eat. This way you will not get thirsty while eating and won’t need to drink much during a meal, which leaves more room for food. Save any drink for the last part of the meal when you need to help wash down the last bites as its coming out your nose.

go on vacation… Recently when i have been on vacation i gain 5-10lbs, although not all of thats muscle of course.

If you have trouble getting in enough calories, consider using a calorically dense liquid meal or two per day. Read my recipe here: Strength Training, Bodybuilding & Online Supplement Store - T NATION in the question called “A Better ‘Weight Gainer’ Shake”.

These things taste so good it’s easy to get in extra cals.

Lipo, this is a little nutty, but it works for me. I eat an entire commercial pizza for dinner, with heavy sauce, cheese, and pepperoni. (I don’t even want to think about the sodium levels.) In any case, about three hours after the pizza, I’m so thirsty that I feel like I could drain a small lake. But instead of reaching for a soda or water, I drink an MRP with about 67 grams of protein – very thin texture, not thick, oh, about 20 ounces of a liquid base. And about an hour and a half later, I’m still thirsty, so I drink another MRP of equal size. There may be an added dynamic here, as spicy foods (pizza being somewhat spicy) can elevate a craving for sweets (MRP’s are usually sweet).

In any case, if I had eaten an equivalent number of calories with “cleaner foods,” I’d still feel stuffed three hours later. But with the above, my thirst overrides any residual fullness and the MRP’s taste so good.

Mr. Shugart,

I checked the link. Looks good but I can’t handle that much milk. Not sure about the cottage cheese but I may try it. The problem here is that am easily filled-up and I’m really uncomfortable if I get stuffed. Also I’m not some 130# runt. I’m a 190# runt and I ‘can’ get fat off carbs. I try to eat clean but I’ll be damned if I can eat cups of rice, steaks, tuna, and chicken all day. If I’m on a mass diet I have to force myself to eat regularly 'cause I quickly loose interest in feeding. Its an unpleasant chore. What I’m looking for are ways to optimize intake when I do sit down to eat regardless of the food selection.