Eating Skin on Vegetables

I’m reading conflicting views on eating the skin on vegetables, cucumbers and carrots for me primarily. What’s your take?

Eat them.

Cucumber and carrots=eat them. Generally thin skinned fruits=eat them. A cucumber is a fruit (melon). It is beneficial to the plant for the cucumber to be eaten to disperse seeds, so the skin should not be toxic. Melon rind may have some toxins to prevent them from being eaten too soon though.

Root skins are generally toxic to a degree. Plants don’t want their roots eaten, and seeds are not dispersed from the root.

It does not benefit cereal grains (naturally) to have their seed grains eaten. Same generally for beans. It is not the way that those seeds normally get dispersed, and it destroys them to be eaten. The MORE outer coating on seeds and grains and nuts, generally the more toxins are present.

Agreed, eat them, but momma told me to scrub them under cool water for about 30 seconds to rid them of most pesticides. Momma was right.