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Eating Routine Help

Well, I’m a 15 year old male. 5’10. 155lb
6% body fat(or so the calipers say, Personally I don’t believe that.). I’m trying to bulk up around 185lb. I know my gains won’t be instant, but I will be working hard towards them.

This is the eating routine I’ve made with help from massive eating. I plan to be eating ~5000 calories a day, if I start to gain too much fat, I will reduce by 250calories.

I plan to follow the Waterbury Method(again). I finished 3 weeks and made tremedous gains. When I start working out again, it will have been around a month since I’ve had a good work out. I will be swapping a lot of the exercises around in Waterbury Method so I don’t platue.

Anyway, here is my eating plan(should be around ~5000 calories)

6am Meal 1(P + C):

Oatmeal Pancake + 1 cup of berries.

4g l-glutamine

7:30am Meal 2(P + F)

4 egg whites, 3 whole eggs

5tbs Extra Virgin Olive Oil

3g fish oil

tablespoon almond butter

granny smith apple

9:45 Meal 3(P + F)

granny smith apple

2 cup full fat yogurt

100% Whey Protein shake(2 servings)

3g fish oil

12:10 Meal 4(P + F)
2 Cups of beans

1 can of tuna(~55g of protein)


3 tablespoons flaxseed oil

2:15 Meal 5 (P + C) Pre-Workout

1/2 serving Surge

1 serving 100% whey protein

4g l-glutamine
Biotest BCAA

3:30 Meal 6 (P + C) post-workout

1/2 serving Surge

1 serving 100% whey protein

Biotest BCAA

Micronized Creatine

4g l-glutamine

4:30 Meal 7 (P + C)

1 cup fat free yogurt

2 servings 100% whey protein

2 cups frozen berries

4 cups uncle sam cereal

2 cups fat free milk

6:00 Meal 8 (P + F)

2 chicken breasts

Romain Salad

+4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil


8:00 Meal 9(P + F)

Cottage Cheese

1 serving 100% casein protein

4g fish oil

3 tablespoons flaxseed oil

2 tablespoons of almond butter


4g l-glutamine



3:00(random wake up)
Biotest BCAA

I don’t know if you are eating anywhere near what you plan to be eating now.

I’d suggesting upping your intake incrementally, instead of all at once, and you’ll be able to more finely gauge at what point you seem to be gaining and perhaps at what point you seem to be gaining too much.

While this all takes time, it would probably end up much better in the long run than picking a number and hitting it.

Use a good nutrient database to get your food numbers right and keep track using a food log for a while to see what you actually do eat – presumably there will be skipped and missed items or you’ll be too hungry or too full here and there.

I agree with Vroom in take it up week by week if your not near this and have to commend you I think this is the first meal plan in a LONG time by a newbie that actually over shoots the projected intake its well above 5000 just 5 of your males equals at least that. Now its seeing if you actually do it.

Cram that pie holework your ass offf and see what happens,


Hmm, according to the Massive eating calorie counter, I need to be eating 4889. Thats with 50 minutes of intense free weights, 20 minutes running, and 60 minutes Aerobics(training for Thai kickboxing). Do carbs from veggies actually go towards the amount of calories? I always thought those didn’t count because they do not raise your insulin levels.

I was eating about 3800calories around 3 weeks ago, but I then stopped weight lifting as I was traveling, and will be for the next week. Eating massive amounts of calories is hard on a trip where you move places every 3-4 days.

When I was eating 3800, I’d get hungry an hour after I ate a big meal, damn metabolism.

I’ll try eating what I planned for about 4 days, logging how much I eat and seeing how many calories.

Well, I’m waiting for the post to show up, I’d like to say that I’ll be experimenting with the ratios. I’ll start with 50% carbs, 35% protein, and 15% fat. And I will move it around every 8 weeks. To see which one is optimum.