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Eating Right While Lifting


I have started this 5/3/1 program with high hopes. this is my 2nd week things are going great. Went to my 20 year high school reunion this weekend, and I must say I look way better than half the jocks use to look. Anyway by my 25 year reunion I want to look like a power lifter be strong and smaller around the waist. I have been lifting on and off for 20 years but never with this much desire. I work alot my job if very demanding but I have found that the stronger I am the easier it is.

So while at work and on the run with 3 boys and a wounderful wife how do ya'll eat and mantain good protein intake. Jim said he likes whole foods better than shakes but sometimes its easyer to drink on the run.I dont want a 6 pack just a strong core and no love handles I hate them. This has bothered me seens I was in my early 20's. I just really need some one to help me put together a plain to eat better and make it a habit.

I do alot of core work I can feel getting stronger just need the fat gone HOW? I understand it does not happen over night or even in a month but damn. Jim if you read this thanks for beening a hardass straight forward cut no corners asshole that just tells like it is. Things that we already know but just need someone to reinforce it thanks Mike

Today is Monday, chest day and my day off gotta go


there's so much information if you are willing to read. Meals consist of protein+carbs or protein+fats. Have your carb meals near your workouts.


Ok what consist of a carb meal I have been lifting for a long time but I have never watched what I've eat thats why I look like I do now.lol Yes I like to read and learn so hit me up with some places to start looking thanks Mike


Start by tracking your macros. Use the search function and spend a few hours reading some of the nutrition articles.


I would start by buying Jim's book. He talks about nutrition in the book. Eating to gain weight, eating to loose weight while doing 5/3/1. But its pretty simple. You don't have to count calories because that's pretty gay. You don't have to really count anything just roughly figuring your protein. You need to eat your body weight or double that. Depending on what you want. Protein shakes are pretty much a must. especially when you work out. A good trick Jim had, and i've done it, before every meal you slam a protein shake and eat what ever. Im 6'0 225. I have no abs, never have. I eat for power not looks. You could also do the boring but big template. Good luck.


Mine is really simple I just try to get 250 grams of protein in every day and avoid junk. Sunday nights I cook up a bunch of hamburger patties, or chicken breasts, or steaks, or sometimes salmon. Enough to last for the week or more. Put it in big container take it to work. I can get microwave them and eat with minimal time.

I also use greek yogurt with 1 scoop of protein powder I can get it up to 60 grams easily, I have that for my dessert every day. I down some cottage cheese with fruit in it for inbetween meals. I have 10 egg whites for breakfast. I'm definately not a good cook and all of this stuff I do doesn't take time. I don't count calories, but I do get about 220-250grams of protein every day. Since I've started taking diet more seriously my gains really took off again after being nowhere for years.


Thanks guys for all the help really , Mike


1g protein per pound of lean body weight. There is really no need for more. 0 research supports it... But if you like meat and dont have kidney issues or high uric acid go on and eat.

Eat normal levels of fat ..60-80g/day try to include some olive oils, nuts with your beef.

Adjust your carbs to make up the rest based on your calorie goals. If you find you feel better making small adjustments to our diet then stick to what feels best ( less fat per meal, certain carb choices ). Never eat less than 100g carbs a day... Some people like keto diets but they really only work better for people with insulin resistance or type two diabetes. This is an extremely short summary of pubmed.

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Does everyone agree with this now? (Ive seen lots of research that agrees with what you say, not saying you're wrong in any way.)
Do people think this works in the real world as opposed to research?


It's a good place to start. What you should do is start with this and then over the next 10-20 years, adjust tweak and record all you eat and see how your body responds.

Apparently, and this is news to me, EVERYONE is different. Weird, huh? EVERYONE is so fucking different that we are all different species and completely ungoverned by any set of nature's rules/laws. That's what I like to tell people instead of the truth.


Here's an interesting excerpt from a study published in a journal recently on the subject of protein timing.

"Lemon et al. [62] displayed that novice
bodybuilders required a protein intake of 1.6-1.7 g/kg/day to remain in a non-negative
nitrogen balance. The increased protein requirements in novice subjects have been attributed
to changes in muscle protein synthetic rate and the need to sustain greater lean mass rather
than increased fuel utilization [63]. There is some evidence that protein requirements actually
decrease slightly to approximately 1.4 g/kg/day in well-trained individuals because of a
greater efficiency in dietary nitrogen utilization [64], although this hypothesis needs further


@Tradkiller, it can be somewhat overwhelming at first but just take some time and start searching for nutrition articles on here, there are countless threads, posts are articles on the subject and with some research you can make a finely crafted nutrition plan that will help accomplish your goals. If you're looking to lean out, try this for a start: http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/most_recent/one_hundred_gram_carb_cure


Jeez, no need to rush things....