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Eating Right... Calories Way Down


I began the T-Dawg2 diet 2 days a go.
However, I feel as though I must be doing something wrong. I'm following the prescribed formulas of:

1.5g Protein per lbs of weight
100 Carbs
The fat found around cheese, nuts, cottage cheese, and nuts.

I've also been keeping a food log for the past 2 days.

Yesterdays meals were:
Meal 1
1 serving Protein Shake

Meal 2
4 servings KC-Battle Beef Jerky
4 Jolly Ranchers

Pre/Post Workout
1/2 serving Protein Shake
1 serving Protein Shake

Meal 4
1 serving Albacore Tuna in water
1 serving Oberto Regular Beef Jerky

Meal 5
1 medium sized, boneless, skinless chicken breast
1 serving of mixed vegetables

Meal 6
.68 lbs Porter House steak
5 saltine crackers

Meal 7
1 serving Breakstone's No-Fat Cottage Cheese

My totals came out like this:
Fat: 33g
Carbs: 103g
Protein: 323g
Calories: 1979

While I realize I need to up my Protein intake by another 67g to get in line with the 1.5g per lbs of body weight, that still will put me just over 2k calories in the day.

I currently weigh 260lbs. And, while I'm trying to cut weight and gain lean muscle mass... I have a gnawing feeling of hunger all day.

Am I doing this correctly, where I'll either get used to the feeling or it will go away... or is there something wrong with my diet... IE: right amounts of carbs/fats/protein, wrong foods for calorie intake.

Any help would be appreciated.




Well, I'm familiar with the diet, though I've never used it. You are eating far too little fat. T-Dawg 2.0, to the best of my understanding, is a lower carb diet. This means that you have to make up the rest of the calories in healthy fats. I'd add at least 50g of fat or more. That should bring you to just under 2500 calories. Add more if you need it, and yo u almost certainly will. Honestly, 320g of protein is probably just fine. Figure out how to get more GOOD fat in your diet. It will enhance the diet and also satiate your appetite.


no wonder you are hungry you are hardly eating! im eating 2500 cals a day at 6'3 300 pounds, and its so much food i can hardly finish it all, but its all clean basically if ate this one meal 5 times a day that would be how much i eat

can of tuna, some olive oil mixed in, one cup green beans, one cup carrots one cup peas one apple

eating that every 3 hours ungh so much food


hell im eating 2450 calories and I'm 5'8" 180lbs cutting for a competition in 3 weeks.


What makes you think that is eating right. That diet looks like shit. A ton of protein and no carbs at all. Jolly ranchers dont count....


You have to get more carbs in there, and real carbs. Your eating like a lion and we humans need to eat differently. I dont care where you saw that diet. Sure you should eat comparitively less carbs, but still a decent amount....


Is the diet. And it's one that a lot of people on this site have used.

I'm sorry, I think I'll trust Chris Shugart over your opinion, but thanks for the random asinine response.

Day 3 went a little easier. I added some healthy fats to my diet, and while my calorie count is still pretty low, I was able to kick some of that gnawing hunger feeling.

Day 3:

Meal 1:
3 Egg omlet with 1/4 cup shredded sharp cheddar
1/4 cup grits (before cooking)
Protein Shake

Meal 2:
Hard Boiled Egg
1 serving beef jerky

Meal 3:
Pre/Post Workout shake

Meal 4:
Hard boiled egg

Meal 5:
Boneless, skinless chicken breast
Mixed vegetables

Meal 6:
Salad with light italian dressing (2 tablespoons)

Meal 7:
Breakstone's no-fat cottage cheese
Protein shake

Fat: 106
Carb: 96
Protein: 415

Calories: 2940

I overshot my protein intake by 15g, but I can curb that back pretty easily. I'm going to try adding a little more olive oil to some of the things I cook and cut back on some of the protein to fill out the calorie intake while cutting back on a few grams of proteins.

If anyone else has any ideas/comments, please post them here. I'm fairly new to this and would love the nutrition help.


how is that 3000 calories, im eating like 3X as much food and its only 2000 calories


Veggies my man Veggies...

Fill you up and are light on the carbs especially the dark leafy green ones!

You could also replace a protein shake or two with real food to help with your general feeling of well being...

It is hard to get a lot of calories while keeping it clean. I struggle like hell getting 2300 cals my goal is to be closer to 4K...gradually increasing my caloric intake to that lest I get Fat(ter)!


go buy a 2 liter bottle of olive oil and add it to some of your meals


I'd love to see what you're eating in a day that you eat 3x as much as that and come out with 2k calories...


well lets see i can just make one meal and you can multiply that by 5 meals a day i eat so a sample meal would be

5 oz of tuna
cup of green string beans
an apple
one small boiled potatoe
some olive oil in the tuna
and some un salted cashews

if i wanted to eat even more for the same ammount i could sup that apple for 6 bowls of broccolie... and still get the same ammount i need

a calorie isnt a calorie


That comes out to rougly...
33 grams of fat
78 grams of carbs
51 grams of protein
788 total calories

Rougly mind you...

I'm trying to stick to the T Dawg 2 diet... meaning less than 100 carbs per day on training days and around 390g protein.