"Eating Raw Eggs is Stupid"

Eating Raw Eggs is Stupid


There nothing wrong with consuming Raw Eggs…

Dr Mike T. Nelson
4 Reasons To Consume Raw Eggs For Recovery Post Training - Dr. Mike T Nelson on miketnelson .com

According to Hope BK et al. 2002, the risk of salmonella in conventional eggs is pretty low.

…2.3 million, out of the 69 billion eggs produced annually, are contaminated with salmonella. As a percentage, that is 0.003 % of eggs are infected.

Even if consuming salmonella contaminated eggs, the risk in healthy people is quite low.

there does not appear to be an epidemic of people dying from salmonella in eggs. You can further reduce your risk by washing the shells right before you use them.

Show Me The Bodies

If eating Raw Eggs is an issue, there must be individuals that you know and provide on this.

I have yet to find one individual who can provide that information…name and data on what occurred.

Kenny Croxdale

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As is often the case with your clunky threads, I am so confused.

Are you saying that eating raw eggs is stupid or are you agreeing with the article that’s suggesting raw eggs?

Do you eat raw eggs?

For anyone who didn’t know, today’s article is here (10 Things You Don't Know About Eggs)

The problem I have with your post is that none of these are reasons TO eat eggs, only information on why it’s not all that bad to eat raw eggs. There’s nothing here to tell me any inherent benefits of raw egg consumption - merely that I could be the unlucky SOB that eats one of 2.3 million salmonella-infected eggs produced yearly.

When Rocky came out in the 70s, us high school kids ate raw eggs

None of us ever got sick

Would i do it now…nope

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I did advocate anyone should be consuming raw eggs. I only posted information that as you said, eating them (acrually drinking them) is bad.

You have more of a change of being injured in a car accident than getting salmonella from a raw egg.

Consuming Raw Eggs is much of an issue.

It is not bad or good.

TC is who said it was stupid to eat them.

I have consumed raw eggs off and on for decades.

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unpopular opinion. I love the taste of raw egg yolks

Just gonna do my usual plug for this product


Easy drinking eggs. I stopped using water/milk for protein shakes after switching to this.


The yoke has the majority of nutrition it in, egg white have next to nothing.

Secondly, the yoke contain half of the protein in it.

Third, whole eggs cost less than Internatioal Egg White or any other brands. You end up paying more and getting less.

Nelson’s article provides additional information the value whole eggs.

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Yeah but why risk it? I’m not some overly paranoid safety freak by any means, I just kinda like my food - I dunno - cooked?
There’s very little risk, but NO reward for drinking eggs raw vs cooking them. Also, if you’re the unlucky SOB to catch Salmonella from drinking a raw egg - you’re in for a world of hurt while everyone calls you an idiot for drinking raw eggs.

It’s just bad math.

Costco also sells pasteurized egg whites that are safe to consume raw. I use them in cocktails for mum and to simulate foam when making hot cocoa

Can’t you fix that by just drinking more egg whites?

I like the egg whites because they’re fat free, so when I want a low fat product, it’s there. If I want egg yolk, I eat eggs. If I want extra fat in my protein shake (not sure why), I can add that.


They tend to have a bit of a slime factor compared to the stuff from egg whites int. I like using those ones for cooking.

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To clarify, you are stating that I cannot make up for lacking protein by consuming more protein?


Hey Kenny!

Nice to see you around again!


If you really want to scrutinize an article do CTs neurotype training, which has no real science backing it. This is low hanging fruit.

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To be clear, all four reasons Dr. Nelson provided are regarding eggs, not specifically raw eggs. He lists the reasons and then, separately, makes the case for raw over cooked.

Interesting to note that he does acknowledge poorer absorption with raw vs cooked, which he says can be counterbalanced by adding an extra egg.

Yep, he did, and he specifically explained why he had that stance. (Potential biotin deficiency, which can appear in as little as three weeks of consistently eating raw eggs).

For the record, in the past I’ve popped two raw eggs into OJ as a fast 'n lazy running-out-the-door breakfast. It’s… meh, fine.

It’s pretty weird you’ve repeated several posts almost word-for-word both here and a year ago over on the Strongfirst forum. Not sure why raw eggs is such a near and dear topic to you, but okee doke.