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eating question

If you practically live off of pizza, bergers and other fastfoods for your 6 meals will this be ok?

You are what you eat.

Simon, I’m not trying to flame you bigtime here or anything, but MANY of the questions you post can be answered if you simply do a little reading in the T-Mag archives. Start with the FAQ section and then move on from there. Before you post ridiculous questions like this always search the online mag archives and the forum archives first.

Well most people could not but I do know some people who eat nothing but garbage food and they are really big and have an extremely low bodyfat percentage.

Sure, it’s absolutely fine. You’ll get out of it exactly what you put into it.

Sure. Not only that, it’s a myth that you have to lift weights, get enough rest or do anything else involving even the most remote hint of discipline to achieve the body of your dreams.

Pizza, beer and the Ab-tronic. It’s all out there, man. All you have to do is go get it.

P.S. Be sure to post your pictures after 6 months on this regimen.

P.P.S. You’re a fucking idiot. And yes, just in case there’s any doubt in your mind at all, this IS a flame.

If you can eat 6 meals per day of pizza, bergers and other fast foods without getting fat than you’d likely whither up and blow away if you tried to eat a real bodybuilding diet.

Simon, this will be OK only if you drink light beer and not the heavy stuff. also drink plenty of diet soda to counteract all the fast food.

yo soy una persona delgada que quiere saber como poder hacer que los musculos empiezen a crecer(masa muscular)

Is this dude for real?

Only if you combine it with lots of sit-ups for spot-reduction around your abs!

hahahaha u people crack me up, u make me laugh so much…my diet is as follows monday:light beer,pizza abtronic
tuesday:burgerking, soda, abtronic
wensday:whey protein abtronic whey protein
thursday-sunday is rest day. so only burger king all day.

yes, yes you can. post a picture of yourself when you break the 700 pound mark

Go ahead and make it short and sweet and shoot yourself. Don’t forget ice cream with al those meals Mr shit for brains.

This is obviously a joke, I mean, seriously, this level of ignorance is NOT attainable by any human being.

Dont forget to take Chromium Picolinate, or else all that pizza dieting will be useless. Also, when you are under 5% bodyfat, try and add an extra meal, prefferably in the middle of the night. This hyper-caloric type nutritioning is what all the pros do. Also, increase your cardio to 5 minutes EVERY week. And watch the fat melt away…

Can you feel it? Squeeze those buns! I can feel it! Isnt this the best?- Richard Simmons

In an attempt to bring this thread back to something more serious, who has put on more than 40-50lbs of lean body mass in under six years without eating fast food drug free? I am assuming that everyone who posted has done so or at least made such spectacular gains in lean body mass that they wouldn’t mind posting their before and after pics on this forum, along with their dietary routine, to prove it.