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Eating Protein Powder?


Can you do it? I've looked through the site and haven't really found that much. I rather enjoy it myself; it's kind of like eating cotton candy. Although, you have to wash out your mouth after every bite, which can get pretty annoying at times.

But what I really want to know is: is it bad for you? Intuitively, if you drink enough water with it you'll be fine, but I've wondered about if you'd digest it differently if you eat it rather than drink it.

Personal experiences and research would be great, thanks.


Nope no problem - as long as you get enough liquid with it then youll be fine.


I'd say while not "bad" for ya....careful you don't choke on it either. A simple breath in...and you'll have a throat full of powder...and the throat isn't a good place to "keep stuff" for very long :slight_smile:


Yes, be careful... I inhaled Gemma protein once... holy shit. I thought I was going to die. My lungs BURNED for close to 2 hours after that and the next day I coughed up some funky looking stuff. lol


Mix it with equal parts cinnamon and it will be much easier. :wink:




Why the fuck would anyone want to eat the powder? You can't put it in water??


Why the fuck would anyone want to eat cookie dough? You can't make a cookie??

Why the fuck would anyone want to eat cereal? You can't put it in milk??

Why the fuck would anyone want to eat cheese? You can't put it in a sandwhich??


Riiiiight. No, go ahead and shovel in dry powder and then immediately wash it down with water after each scoop so you don't choke. Because that's exactly like eating dry cereal, cookie dough, and cheese.

Possible reasons for eating cookie dough, dry cereal, and cheese:
1. I dont have the time to make cookies/I have the time but don't want to wait 20 minutes to make cookies/I don't have access to an oven.
2. I have no milk/it tastes fine even when not in milk/It doesn't pose an asburd choking hazard/I won't look like a fucking idiot when i'm eating cheerios out of the box
3. This is just dumb. Eating cheese is not limited to sandwhiches.

It's still dumb.


I'm not impressed, he just let it sit in his mouth and then washed it down with water. Nothing to it.

I'd only be impressed if he legitimately ATE it.


I let the saliva mold it into a dough like shape, then I eat it. I only use the water to get the chunks out between the teeth.


Uh why not just mix with water?....


Water denatures the delicate proteins.


I'd heard that about creatine before, but when I read the study it turned out it degenerated at the rate of like 5% per day.

I'd be interested to know which and by how much. I would think pretty much most naturally occurring aminos are at least partially suspended in water, milk for instance.

Even to digest it your body has to mix it with fluids.


LOL if serious. If you were putting in a solution of hexanes, mabye. But, you would have much more serious problems...


All the proteins in your body exist in a fully or partially aqueous environmnet. If you want to quickly degrade/denature a protein, place it in an organic solvent.


Go for it. No one is stopping you; unless you listen to idiots on the internetZ.


so eat a piece of beef

the water makes no difference in the short run. OP, Don't do this. You'll end up with a dry mouth and a head full of regrets.


Just for the record, I was definitely kidding.