Eating protein plus veges all day

Greetings…Recently I bought some guys
program on gaining mass over the net. His “secret” is to eat like 9 times a day basically
protein plus vegetables at every meal… Also he never mixes
carbs with any meal…Carbs he claims must be eaten by themselves…Unlike John Berardi who mixes protein and carbs…So an example menu would be oatmeal and fruit for meal 1…then chicken and
veges for meal 2…meal 3 maybe just fruit…then until bedtime…he eats
meat and veges only. His only supps are
creatine and L-glutamine…just some food for thought!

You got ripped off.

And why would anyone pay for a diet when there are dozens at T-mag for free written by the best guys in the biz?

There are too many articles here on this very site that will give you the REAL deal on that.
For gaining mass I would first point you to JB’s massive eating articles. Very insightful and you’ll get real world results.
The book you have purchased is pure BUNK!!!

If you read t-mag you know better than that.
C’mon now!

I have this awesome program too! My secret component is the anabolic combination of fat and carbohydrates together. PM me and I’ll send it to you for a good price!



When I studied Jiu-Jitsu under Royce Gracie I was introduced to the Gracie way of eating.

That consisted of never mixing certain foods. It sounds a bit like the diet you have mentioned. I personally thought it was a bit nutty! In fact, I caught Royce on many occasions not following it.

I have always believed that balance is the key to success regarding diet. Naturally, if you are trying to gain muscle you would crank up the protein.

When it comes down to it the only things that really work over the long haul are the things that you are willing to actually do! If something sounds like it is going to be inconvenient or to costly or whatever it uusually does not work in the long run because you will abandon it.

that was great Zulu!!! Im laughing my butt off!!!