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Eating Protein-Fat Meals is Lame


Hopefully no one takes this wrong way, but seriously I can't stand eating chicken breasts and veggies or steak and veggies. Not only do I get lethargic and dizzy all the time eating that, I can't seem to feel full on that crap. I find that when eat heaping bowls of whole wheat pasta with chicken and lean beef burgers I feel much more better and have more energy.

The problem is I'm carb sensitive. Is there something wrong with me if I feel better and full after eating a nice big p & c meal compared to a p & f meal. I know it goes against the general opinion that everyone should eat complex carbs post workout, but I can't seem to survive the day just eating p&f meals.


It will not work if you do it once in a while....
I am on the fourth week of the anabolic diet and it really IS the way to go...

Lots of veggies, and no chicken or lean burgers, take the fat ones, take the chicken wing, not the breast... add some mayo and olive oil, put some cheese on it... man-o-man you will feel great within a week!!


Yeah, you're forgetting cheese and giant steaks...

If carbs hit you hard, try the Anabolic Diet. It's just a whole lotta eating red meats and nuts and cheese and eggs and such. If you can't feel full, you aren't getting enough fats. Fats are very filling.

Sure, there's a lot of veggies, but really... you need those...


The Anabolic Diet may work well for some, but there are other ways to get lean and muscular.

To the OP, ketogenic diets are not magic, you still need to consume fewer calories than you burn. I recommend that you learn to tailor your macronutrient intake so that you can achieve your objectives and feel alert.


HK - you're on a roll lately!



Humans are meant to eat carbohydrates. There is tons of NEW literature about the negative aspects of ketogenic and super low carb diets.

Everything should be eaten sensibly and in moderation.


Humans are meant to eat carbohydrates, dont know, yes the can, and some are better in using them then others.... but that is not te discussion here!

If you eat lot of fats and protein, no carbs... you will feel full and satisfied and will not have a lack of energy. Everybody is different but it is possible to function without the carbs!!


Carbohydrates fuel your high intensity energy systems. I agree fats and protein fill me up, but they don't function as high intensity energy suppliers. Assuming you're working out with any kind of intensity, you're gonna need some carbs.


If you're feeling energetic and are having good work outs how are you carb sensitive?


I can tell you, you dont need them...
It surprises me to, but i feel good without carbs, spinningclasses, heavy squats or benchpress, so far i am breaking every record, and i feel real good and fit.
I am by no means an expert, but i know what i felt for the last month!


to the OP maybe you should try 3 carb + protein meals and 3 fat + protein meals per day, just make the first meal a carb + protein meal and the other two carb + protein meals pre and post workout, try that for a while, consuming less carbs and spreading them out ought to help somewhat with your carb sensitivity


I wish I actually cared enough about nutrition to have the patience to dig up all of the new studies showing how bad long term very low carb diets are for people who lift weights.


Everybody is unique in how they handle macro nutrients and eneregy. Personally I perform high level energy system work better on low carb diets. For me I assume that if I assume that if I am doing a lor of energy system training I will be burning protein.

I think the recommendation of having 3 fat + protein meals and 3 carb + prtoien meals is interesting. It could be 4 and 2 for some people. For me it is basically 1 carb + protien meal and 5 fat + protien meals.

BTW, Good looking puppy.


It's a common mistake to assume that since something works for oneself that it will work equally as well for everyone else.

Congrats on finding a dietary strategy that works for you.


I really wish you would!


thanks, but i dont quite understand as to why your taking in 5 fat + protein meals on a workout day, i mean i can understand if you were doing that on a non workout day, but i would still think that a person would need some crabs to help them grow even on a non trainig day, but the 5 fat + protein meals on a high energy system training day just aint making sense, i would think that on a high energy system training day that a person would need more carbs than on an off day to help maximize their workout capacity, and that at least a person would consume carbs peri workout


I honestly don't have the time. Mostly because I dont remember exactly where I found them or who published them so it would take a lot of googling.

The main thing was that being in ketosis should not a be long term solution for weight management.

Ketosis diets are relatively new/popular. Its going to take time for enough people to use them and the whole story to be told.


soo...should I give the anabolic diet a shot if I gain fat easily?? what's the general consensus? It seems pretty interesting


I get most of my calories from protein and fat, I love it, I feel much better than when I take in large amounts of carbs.

Some people dig eating fewer carbs, some don't, but I think most agree that carbs have a place in the diet.

Olive Oil/Water/Peanut Butter/Whey= High calorie meal in 1 minute.

Add ice, drinking it warm is....unpleasant.

Gotta get creative with your pro/fat meals.

Or just y'know, eat a ton of eggs.


Great advice!
The problem with this recommendation is that you are not giving enough specifics for the average person on this site, or anywhere for that matter. Most of us will never take what you said and do anything with it. We need spoon-feeding, motivation, irrifutable proof. If you can not give us specific macros and sample meals, we will never get this right. It's too darn hard for those without experiance and we want results yesterday. What most need is a template that works for most people that can be tweaked. That is, unless they are a very special unique snowflake just like me. Er, wait, what?

-Eat the smallest amouunt of healthy carbs as it takes for you to feel better. 1 Apple?
-If you are taking HRX or similar, be aware that you will get very hungry later in the day. Make celery your new best friend.

I am sure other can give you helpful hints to get you where you want to be.