Eating Programs

Hello all. Im not new to T-mag but its been quite a while since I ve been here. Bare with me a moment, this will make sense.
Current Stats
Height 6’2"
Weight 265
I wear a 52" suit with a 42" waist.
Bench - 320
Squat - 315 for 3 sets of 10
Deadlift - 455 using standard form, not sumo.
Leg Press - 850ish
Dumbell Shoulder press - I can get the 100’s up for 2 reps
I am fat.

I would love to get my squat up, but my torn left patellar tendon and right knee reconstruction make my knees kill if I push the weight higher. Its not the striaght line push pull, its the torque that kills me. ANway, its taken me a long time to get back to 315, but it has been worth it. Leg presses are no problem because the lateral forces are minimized while the straight push is maximized - I think anyway.
Hopefully , that gives you some idea of what I have to work with, and where I am.
Due to time constraints from work, school, and my family, I have used a training method aimed at maximizing results(Increased weight lifted) with minimal time. I do deadlifts, benches, incline dumbells, dumbell shoulder press, squats, leg press, bent rows, seated rows, hammer rows, pullups, pull downs, stiff legged deads, lots of calf stuff, and course - some lying tricep extensions and biceps work for the guns. I cant comp-lain about the results, I have gotten stronger over the last 1.5 to 2 years.
My biggest issue now is I want to get to 220 pounds! As of last week I started the program first listed in TC’s Bowl Full Of Jelly article, then I remembered Meltdown, and now Poliquin just wrote the article on Lactic Acid training and fat loss. Ive got my lifting program set. However, I eat like shit. Yep, shit. So what I am asking all of you is - On this site, what has been a proven dieting plan to follow for someone interested in shedding some fat. I tried the search function, and I got barraged with info, which is a good thing, but I have no idea where to even start!
Please help a fellow ironfreak out! Please! Please!

If you think I am a tool, please note that I carry my own vomit bucket with me in the gym and I throw 2 1/2 pound plates at the gimps curling in the squatrack. I have been wearing chuck T’s to work out in since 1991( the same pair) and I love to throw balloney at female midgets covered in applesauce.

Your feedback is appreciated.