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Eating Prior to Social Events

So right now my diet strategy is a source of protein (eggs for breakfast and some sort of meat for lunch and dinner) and a big helping of vegetables. Which is all good, easy to keep up with. The problem comes in the next two months. In May and June I have 3 weddings and 1 bachlor party to attend. Now, I plan on having a good time at these events and having a few drinks. I am already going to schedule these days to be my “cheat” meal days. What advice can people here provide that I can do the week leading up to these events / day of these events to help mitigate the negative effects of over consumption of food and alcohol?

If it was just one day I would’t be worried about it, but multiple days makes me a little anxious.

thanks for your advice!

Refer to John Berardi’s and Lonnie Lowery’s writings on “damage control.”

Exercise the day of and before the events.

If you want to have these events be hours-long pig-outs, then so be it! You have to prioritize. Is eating like a pig and feeling stuffy and sick afterward not a problem for you? I say if it isn’t, then have fun!

If you are someone who doesn’t value fun over turning into a stuffed pig and feeling like shit, then have your treats (appetizers, main course, desert) in MODERATION. Eating a fruit high in pectin, like a pear or an apple an hour or two before the events might keep you from stuffing your face.

If you gain too much fat in May and June, then simply go on a calorie-reduced, low-carb diet afterward until you get back to your desired physique (maybe like 2 to 3 weeks, if that).

This really isn’t so hard.

I say have fun over worrying about this shit! :slight_smile:

IMHO…sometimes you need to cut loose for a week. Have fun don’t worry about the diet if you aren’t planning on competing or anything like that.

As long as your diet is good the majority of the time, I would cut loose at weddings and Bachelor party.

If you are really concerned just have a more strict diet leading up to the events.

Besides even if you cheat you can make better “cheat choices” Pizza over ice cream. Hot dogs over nachoses and such. I mean just eat something protein with each meal.

Here’s a plan…

Look for better alternatives. Have a steak for dinner and swap the fries for a baked potato. Ask for some steamed veggies. Just say at the table “I really fancy some veggies” - no one will shun you for not eating shit. Take a tub of protein/protein bars with you. Ask to see the wedding menu, see if the veggie option might be better for you.

You dont need a ‘cheat day’ if you have to eat unheathily at the wedding for example, try and minimise the impact, and get straight on the routine the next day. I forget which author on here said it but “If you came out and found a flat tyre on your car, you wouldnt pop the other 3 and fix them all tomorrow, would you”

Dont drink the booze, i’ve seen it done, stop laughing, really. I still have a really good time without drink, better than I did drinking to be honest.

I still say fuck it and have fun! :slight_smile:

Try to get a woman too.

Thanks everyone for your input…

I will be having drinks, I really don’t drink often (besides 1 beer here and there) so since I dont have to worry about driving I might as well take advantage of an open bar and good friends to drink with.

The food part will be easier now that I think about it (and observations you all made). Since I like vegetables and I like chicken and steak I will have my fill of protein and veggies!

Bricknyse… Getting a woman (at least for my pleasure so figure 3 mins) is ALWAYS the goal!

If I have a social event with food I try and have a workout as soon as possible before attending. I will be feeling tired and more aware of my body and it helps me “feel” healthy and psychologically it’s easier to make good choices, and remind me that my goals are different from most of the people around me.

Although it sucks when I cut it too close and am still sweating after I shower and am trying to get dressed.

Its only a total of 4 days. Enjoy, in the grand scheme of things it won’t matter.