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Eating Pre-WO (Timing and Insulin)


Hi all.
I have some timing questions about eating pre workout and pre cardio.
My workout is at 6:30 PM and I eat 100g of oatmeal and a protein shake 30 min. before.
But know Iâ??m told that my insulin level is high when I workout and therefore donâ??t use my body fat as fuel.
Is that true?
Allso how would you eat morning pre cardio?


If your goal is fatloss dont eat anything if your cardio is low intensity .


It's generally accepted that carbs you eat around your workout do not get stored in your body, they get used for fuel. So don't worry about that, nitpicking will drive you crazy in the long run.

I agree with lia67 on the fasted morning cardio if it is low intensity. Fasted cardio seems to be making a comeback if you read the new article on the front page.


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For fat loss I wouldn't eat anything before. I also wouldn't rush in afterwards and consume a buncha carbs. Unless you are an athlete or someone who needs to be ready for competition I don't see the need for instant or at least quick glycogen replenishment. That's where the fat loss comes from. You're gonna burn fat after exercise and giving your body fuel like carbs is going to hinder that. Have some BCAA's before and after and don't worry about withering away.


i think that whole "high GI carbs to spike insulin " pwo is outdated now . whey on its own creates enough of an insulin spike . like dnlcdstn says dont panic about waisting away your safe for about an hour .


Thanks all of you for your replay.
I rely appreciate it.

I tried to do like the artikel â??The Ultimate Cardio Solution: Disclosedâ?? says, 45 min of incline power walk on an empty stomach.
But after 20min I felt sick and after 37 min I had to give up. I was feeling rely bad and had to force my breakfast down.
About 30min after I felt fine.
Maybe you should take some BCAA before cardio? (incline power walk)


Sipping on a shake made of 1 scoop of fast digesting protein (whey isolate or casein hydro) and water during would probably keep your stomach from revolting against the fasted cardio.

You might also try building up your time. That sick feeling will go away eventually, there's no physiological reason why you can't get up and go for a walk on an empty stomach, your body is just programmed to eat before physical activity from years of eating that way.