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Eating Post Cycle


I was wondering how I sould eat post cycle, I am currently on a clean diet consisting of about 340gp 90gc and 60gf.

I have gained about 20lb lbm on this cycle and am wanting to retain it all! I currently using novaledex and will start clomid a week after my last shot. Should I keep my diet the same or what? I am currently 6'2 231 with about 12% bf. thanks! -sasquatch99


hmmm...that only looks to be about 2260 calories. I'm no expert on steroids by any means, but it seems to me like you'd probably need to eat more than that without anabolic aid.


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yes jsbrook you are correct that is only around 2,600 calories a day. I am trying to stay lean for summer and add some quality mass.

As far as my cycle is concerned I am using deca and sustanon 250 1ml of each a week. I know the deca and sust will stay in my system for more that a week. I am just starting the clomid early to be safe.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. And oh yeah I know everybody is gonna say that is a low dose but you can't argue with 20lbs of gains!


20 lbs is awesome man.....

get your BF fat measured before and after the cycle....then you can certainly draw some conclusions.....otherwise .....your eyes will always see better things than it is.....and you ego will be ruling....'yeah...you look awesome...yeah - you getin some hyooge guns there......yyeah man...babes will like the daddy'...something like that....

just a thought.....

find someone good with calipers.....i personally measure 12 sites o the body.....so there you have it....

now, go eat otherwise that 20 lbs will turn into 2lbs of lard :wink:

peace out


I has my docter test my bf last tues. and it was at 12.3%. I think I look leaner, my roomates told me I look leaner, so hopefully it's not all in my head. nobody has really awnsered my question. Should I increase calories? Or keep my diet the same? thanks!


oh yeah and I know the 20lbs may not all be muscle, some of it may be water(which sucks) but if 16pds is muscle and 4lbs is water I'll still be happy. oh yeah my bf was 13.5% pre-cycle


Congratulations on your gains! Everyone's different, but I still can't imagine you could gain more mass at your size on that amount of calories without anabolic aid. But maybe it'd be fine for maintenance.


MMMMMMMMMMMMMM..... JSbrook I think your right, for me to maintain what I've gained I think I might have to bump up the calories a little post cycle and just play around with it, see what my body thinks. Hell, I might just take a week off my diet and pig out! just kidding, thanks for the advice -sasquatch99


When you're coming off a cycle, you're body is in a catabolic state--cortisol is elevated and you no longer have any anabolic support. The last thing you want to do is further stress your body by reducing calories--you want to continue to eat HYPERcalorically for at least a couple of weeks post cycle. Now, since you gained 20 LBS. of LBM, I can only assume that your present caloric intake IS hypercaloric--so continue with this for AT LEAST a couple of weeks.

I always see some good delayed compensation/adaptation after a cycle. In fact, I take the first week after a cycle off from training; again, your body is under a great deal of stress at this time, and I find this is the perfect time to allow your body a little rest while endogenous T levels get back to normal.

Hope that helps,



Sure. Yeah-I really think being hypocaloric would be a bad idea. Hope you find a level that's good for you.


Wow, take a week off from lifting? Yeah the juice monster inside of me is really disliking that idea.... I did decide I am going to increase my calories for a couple of weeks while I do my pct just to make sure I don't lose any muscle...bye bye abs, but I was also thinking of here in a month of so of running some t-3 so it all might work out for the best, thanks for the advice. As far as taking a week off of lifting I would like to hear some more comments on that one, thanks!!


Taking at least a week off immediately post cycle is a fairly common practice. I'll be coming off my cycle in August, and that's exactly the game plan I will be following - eating more and training less. We're only talking about a week or two. You won't destroy your physique by backing off and getting your energy intake back up to normal levels.

Just my opinion.


Thanks for the post rainjack, I appreciate any advice. maybe I'll take a couple of extra rest days, I just don't know about a full week, and since I am using sustanon 250 and deca, won't the juice stay in my system for around 14-18 days, when should I alter my diet and when should I take any additional rest days/week.? Any more post from men much smarter than me (almost all of you) is appreciated. thanks


With the way I have been structuring my cycles, 3 weeks on 3 weeks off, I'll train hardcore for 19 of the 21 days I'm on, and then take 5 days off to let my cns recover upon the removal of androgens...I've always believed that time on=time off and this way I've only got 2 weeks and a few days before I start back up on the gear:)



HHHHMMMMM...sounds intelligent mk, thanks for the post.



There was an article by one of the gurus on here (who I obviously cant think of at the moment) that dealt with retaining post cycle gains.

I'll most likely butcher the article but I'll give you my summary from memory. Basically, a phased approach of reducing caloric intake a 1-2 weeks before coming off and then 'over' eating your macronutrients for a couple weeks after cycle. This over eating would serve to spark and increase natural T production from its slumbered state. The increased nutrients also aided with retaining gains.

Ive searched for the article by keywords and many authors, but cant find it. Ive almost talked myself into thinking that it was an article in the email newsletter they used to send out a long time ago.

I would be interested in reading it again myself so...ANY HELP AUTHORS?


That sounds like a smart idea as well ThumperTX, thanks for the post. I would like to read that article as well. This is kinda random but I was in the shower this morning and happened to notice I have stretch marks on the inside of my quads! WTF? They're not huge or anything and this is the first time I've noticed them, but damn...anybody else have this happen?? I have some preety crazy ones by my armpit's already, those I'am proud of these...I don't know. -sasquatch99