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Eating Popcorn

Could anyone tell me how good of a snack air popped popcorn is? Supposedly, the amount I eat(3 unpopped TBS), which pops into a nice sized bowl, has around 110 calories and alot of fiber. I generally eat a bowl with just a spray of imitation butter and some salt. Coupled with some kind of lean protein, maybe some turkey or leftover steak. I really like eating this snack and wanted to find out if it is as good for me as it seems. I hope it is so I can continue to enjoy it when I come home from work before dinner. Thanks!

It is unacceptable on the GI scale.


I agree with cgeytraveler - 1 test of the glycemic value of a processed carb is if you suck on it, how quickly will it dissolve or turn to mush in your mouth. An exemple is white bread which is high glycemic and will dissolve into mush in your mouth rapidly. Popcorn also will dissolve into a rapidly digested mush also and is high glycemic and will raise blood glucose and cooresponding insulin promoting fat storing. Not a good source of low glycemic carbs.

Yeah its not a great snack, but compared to eating a PBJ sandwhich your alternative seems pretty healthy.

Yeah, it might be high glycemic but you have to remember than when a high glycemic carb is eaten in conjuntion with protein or even a bit of fat, the glycemic index is lowered. Provided you always eat it with protein/fat then you shouldn’t get too hung up about the glycemic index. If you enjoy it and its relatively healthy, then eat it!!