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Eating Out Plan


Does anyone know of a reasonably healhty eating-out plan or know where I can get one by chance?


Just make the healthiest choice you can - if you're low carb, go for the caesar salad minus croutons, if you're high carb, go for the risotto with lean meat - avoid fried foods etc.

Or just enjoy it & have whatever the hell you want, and use it as your weekly cheat meal.


I'm confused by the question. But Let me just say if your goal is to gain muscle this is doable. There are plenty of healthy ways to eat out (Obviously not as healthy as cooking at home but decent choices) For Breakfast have 2 egg Mcmuffins and a coffee. 580 calories 40 grams of protein. Lunch you can go to subway and get a Footlong Oven Roasted Chicken 640 calories 48 grams of protein. Supper Go to a steakhouse and get a steak with steamed vegies or go to Burger King and get a TENDERGRILL Chicken Sandwich and a side chicken salad 750 calories 59 grams of protein.

You can eat out and "get by" But its not the best way to go, obviously in between meals you would need protein shakes and some almounds or something but you get the Idea

If you are trying to get lean then this is just not wise. Hope this helps good luck to you


use a dental dam!


If you have an el pollo loco in new mexico then your golden, they have all kinds of food you can get by with. Just take the skin off the chicken breasts.


No... Training and eating right is a hobby for me. If I'd make money from it somehow I would consider it but as long as its just a hobby I will eat whatever I want when I go out.


Outback all the way, I get 2 sweet potatoes as my side with my steak. Just gotta tell them to hold up on the butter they like to drown the potatoes in.


The worst part about eating out is the oil you don't see that they cook stuff in.

One of my local hangouts will make pretty much whatever I want (breakfasty/cafe place), so lots of eggs, meat, avocado, and the like. But they also use crap oil to cook everything in... and the oil is always smoking.


I really appreciate everyone's very insightful advice. : )


This is my fear when eating out also, I don't really care about the calories in the oil but just the fact that they use the cheapest and worst oil. The only oil I cook with is Macadamian nut oil. It tastes like butter and has a high smoke point so it doesn't get denatured the way EVOO does.


My thoughts exactly