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Eating On The Run

Since starting my new job I’ve been having recurring problems with my diet. I’m typically on the ambulance for 10-13 hours a day, 5 days a week. During my whole shift it’s rare to have more than a few minutes of downtime when I’m not driving, doing paperwork, or initiating patient care.

As a result I’ve started to skip meals because I literally don’t have time to shove a few bites down. I refuse to buy fast food, so I’m left with meals that have to be portable, don’t need refrigeration, and can be eaten quickly.

What do those of you with similar jobs eat when you’re on the road all day? The obvious would be Grow! shakes and bars as well as nuts and fresh/dried fruit. I’m also wary of finger foods. Even though I’m wearing gloves I still know where my hands have been all day and knowing that tends to kill my appetite. I appreciate any suggestions you have for me. :slight_smile:

Along with what you listed as great on the road foods. There is alos things like pre cooked chicken breats, other meats Beef jerky etc. Veggies.

On the Chicken etc. just pre cook it and freeze it. Dont unthaw prior to leaving for your shift. and get one of those little soft collers or the like to carry your food in. By leaving with the food still frozen it will stay cold/cool and fresh long enough for you to eat it. By the time the meal rolls around it shouldnt be an ice berg anymore. Really anything can be done this way some beingh easier than others.

Also soups or the like. You know simple veggies meats and spices. As fancy or simple as you want. I bring these along with me on my busy days in my old Power Drive Containers. They are AWESOME for this. With the screw on lid etc they dont leak and cant spill. Bring a spoon and your good to go. Ah also tuna salad type stuff in theses as well. Tuna hard boiled egg, pickle, maybe a few more veggies, some dill salt and dash of sweetner, pepper, and vinegar. GOOD STUFF

Raelly it gets quite simple once you get creative and get the hang of it. Bring along a spoon.

Hope that helps,

I’m a student and I refuse to eat the school food, but do not have accesst to refridgeration. The best thing that I found is the cans of chicken that you can buy at costco, sams, or bjs. The chicken is packaged like tuna so all you need to do is drain the water and you have a ready 70 grams of protein. It’s relatively cheap as well.

I am in a similar situation.

I make sure and get a “real” breakfast before I leave in the morning. About 2 hours later I have a quick protein bar (i prefer Parillo Protein Bars, Grow! Bars would work). 2 hours later I have a real lunch that I packed (usually a LARGE mixed salad with two low fat string cheese and a couple hard boiled eggs). 2 hours later I have another protein bar (or a myoplex or muscle milk RTD). Then a few hours later I get home and have a real meal again.

Good luck

I had a similar situation Sictorn…and I started a thread on it. There’s a lot of good advice in it.


A quick portable meal I like is to dump some frozen blueberries in the bottom of a tupperware container, add a layer of cottage cheese and top with a container of yogurt. Stays cool for a few hours and the berries are defrosted by the time you eat it.

Also, the flex muffins I make (I’ve posted the recipe before, but can repost if needed) are easily portable (but are a finger food). Hope the new job is going well!

Soup, blueberries and yogurt, muffins, and canned or frozen chicken are awesome ideas. Thanks guys! I have today off so I’ll spend it preparing food for this coming week.

JB, the new job is going great. I love it. I am finally getting that satisfied feeling of accomplishment every night when I get off work.