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Eating on the road

Well once again my job takes me on the raod. It is old hat but my next couple of trips are going to be for 2-3 weeks and no kitchenettes. Possibly a small fridge. I take my hand blender and eat lots of cottage cheese when i have the fridge. Any suggestions to keep protein intake high but still somewhat clean? ( ie i don’t eat fast food if i can help it )Carbs come from salad and lots of fruit. thanx in advance.

Beef jerky-yummy…

Beef jerkey, canned tuna, canned chicken, protein shakes blended and put in a shaker bottle, and maybe if you could find a fast food place that has good grilled chicken breasts. Just throw away the bun. A lot of people will say that beef jerkey has to much sodium, but I don’t see the problem with a little water retention if you aren’t competing in a bodybuilding competitions. Beef jerkey and mixed nuts make a good P+F meal. Protein bars are good as long as you are buying quality bars. Hope this helps.


I hate to advise anyone to use MRP packets due to the usually copious amounts of maltodextrin therein, but business travel qualifies as a special circumstance. - Frankly, without access to a kitchenette, I can’t think of any other way to get the job done regarding protein intake…

Also, simply getting a good 5-7 meals in per day can be highly problematic on business trips, thus furthering the case for MRPs. - (Options are extremely limited when you’re on a 10-minute break between meetings).

So, that’s my suggestion - MRPs. As for specifics, IMO, Labrada’s “Lean Body” MRPs are arguably the best product out there (although they’re a little pricy if you don’t plan ahead and order online; Netrition, DPS, etc.).

beef jerky, canned tuna/chicken/salmon, protein bars, protein powder. Protein powder’s a lil harder to carry around (if not sealed properly, it can create a big mess!)

Mean Pete, I travel sometimes, and I hit the supermarkets instead of restaurants. Outback is an exception as there’s nothing wrong with their salmon and fresh steamed veggies. I ask for a second helping of veggies and make two meals out of the salmon (12 ounces).

I travel with a George Forman grill a steamer a digital scale a cooler and Zip-Lock bags, measuring cups and spoons, a can opener and my favorite condiments. I don’t eat any differently on the road than I do at home. It just takes some planning.

Good luck to you!!!

For eating on the road, unless your really unlucky, its not that tough to do it and “maintain” your phsyique…but almost impossible to improve it.

Just pack alot of tuna, mrp’s or protein bars if you can afford it and its your thing, cottage cheese, mixed nuts…when you go out have chicken breast…just sensible stuff. Your not gonna get any leaner or bigger, but 2 or 3 weeks eating like that won’t hurt ya.