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Eating on the Road


How do the travellers eat when on the road? Where do you eat (what restaurants)? I find it difficult sometimes. This week I brought a tub of whey protein and my BCAA and so far I've been good, keeping on track.

Just wondering how other cope while traveling.



I'm still trying to figure out my diet while traveling on business trips. Which is a way of saying that it's a disaster.

I like to think I'm increasing the thermic effect of food by drinking booze while on an expense account.


Ha. On the first night, I always have a hard time falling asleep. The solution, a beer. Then another and another. I sleep well after that. Like you said the calories do add up. I have stopped the beer before bed method. I do try to hit a grocery store the first day I am in town to pick up fruits and other good snacks. But it's tough.


I switch countries for my job every 2 months roughly, and I find that you no matter where you are, you can always find good things like frozen chicken, nuts, and eggs without to much hassle and without to much worry if its edible. Also in every big city walk around a little bit and you are bound to run into a market with fresh vegi's and things.


Slightly more seriously, I travel around to some different towns. I don't get to choose the towns, but there's a variety. And I refuse to cook in the hotel when there's all kinds of great restaurants to sample.

It is possible to make better choices when dining out. Shoot for the healther side of the menu, dodge the carbs, cut the sauces or get them on the side. If all else fails, go with old fashioned portion control and just cut up your meal before you even start into an 'eaten' and 'non-eaten' part.

I find that even one beer makes such self-control more difficult for me.

Also in my case, going to more expensive places helps. As I begin to run out of expense account money, I'm going to order smaller portions of simpler, and often healthier, dishes.

Obviously non of this is sufficient if you're in strict calorie-counting mode. Many of the chain restuarants will provide nutrition information online. you can look them up and work out a plan before you go. That actually helps a lot.


I'm a low-carber so Chicken Caesar salad while dinning out
BCAAs, whey, nuts, beef jerky, all useful on the move.