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Eating On Off Days


Does anyone else struggle to "eat big" on their off days? On training days (today @ 5 a.m.), I can eat 'round the clock, but on off days, I sometimes feel like I'm choking down my grub.


I was, now what I do is get 3-4 lbs of 93% ground beef and make it into large patties and grill them all on Saturday morning and try to eat 1 pattie every 2-3 hours with some cottage cheese or salad or an apple. It definitly helps having them ready and not having to dig through the kitchen when I'm hungry. Preparation is the key. Good luck -T


I don't have that problem. I'm hungry all the time. Getting lean is harder for me, as cutting back on calories makes me cranky. I can eat 5-8 meals a day easy.


Yes, I find this challenging as well. Just do the best you can. It does feel like your choking down food. What can I say. There is a price to be paid for having a body that others want but aren't willing to work for.


I eat the same on all days. What I do differently on off days is not use Surge. The decrease in energy expenditure (by not working out) is correlated with the decrease in energy intake. This is because I'm trying to lose the fat around the belly. If you're trying to gain weight, I wouldn't worry about it.


Thankfully I've never really had that problem. I'm like Nate, I can always eat.

I agree that being prepared is a big part of it. Make the time to cook your meals ahead. Also, if you're not doing so, have more shakes. It's a lot easier to get more calories in if you're not staring at a big plate of real food.

If you're a real skinny bastard, you might want to look into Cy Willson's The Skinny Bastard Diet. I've heard this one keeps you pretty hungry. But if you're not, be careful with the fat gain.



I feel the same way when adding mass. On training days, I'm hungrier for more than I should be eating. But off-days, it can be a struggle. But it's just gotta be done. Not too much more to it than that.


When gaining weight, I eat the same amount of calories everyday. I don't have Surge on off days either, but I make up the PWO calories in real food. Another reason why it can be harder. I'm actually eating more real food on non-training days.