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Eating On A Budget?

I am in college. I have 50 dollars a week for groceries. I intend to cut. I am currently 6’0 - 6’1 somewhere in there and 205-210 depending haha, and yea i want to cut down a bit. Im not fat by any means and quite muscular as i have worked out on and off for a couple years, putting on 15lbs of lean mass last year, than basically lost it all. Anyways back to the point i have 50 dollars a week to do al my groceries. I want to lose some fat. I currently buy mostly fast fry pork chops, lipton sidekicks, tuna, beans, soups (chunky soup, habitant minestroni) and some chicken and salads, eggs, and i eat quite a few burgers. Anyways any input or ideas. Also if it matters its canadian funds. I go to school in toronto and am training for firefighting. Also i was a scholarship football player (RB) if that reflects my body shape/athleticism at all and ran a 4.6 laser timed 40


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Oatmeal and eggs are cheap (at least here in Sweden).

looking for shopping ideas.

Stick to produce and meats. Maybe some slow cook rice and dry beans and canned tuna/salmon if you can.

sidekick rice and noodles yay or nay?

Eating right is actually cheap as hell.
The core bodybuilding foods are very inexpensive.

You should be buying this stuff every week:

-Cans of Tuna
-Oatmeal (those big cardboard cans, steel cut quaker)
-Brown rice
-Bags of frozen veggies
-Chicken breasts

All these things you can get in bulk and they are some of the cheapest things you can buy in a grocery store.

Also, do yourself a favor and get some Grow here on the site. 25 bucks for 32 servings.
78 cents for 20 grams of protein!

Cheapest protein source you will find anywhere!

actually chicken breasts (especially boneless) are extremely expensive, well at least here in canada, well compared to pork at least, i mostly buy lean pork chops, steak is a rare delicassy for this college boy :wink:

I am in the same boat that you are in…

Lucky you are trying to “cut” that means fewer calories to BUY…

Rule 1: Never eat out!!!

Rule 2: No Alcohol!

Rule 3: Look for sales

Rule 4: Mooch off of your roommates food

Rule 5: Plan every purchase &

Rule 6: Prioritize protein, then vegetables, fruits & good carbs…

Learn to LOVE TUNA!!!

[quote]Split wrote:
I have 50 dollars a week for groceries. I intend to cut.[/quote]

So why do you need advice? :slight_smile: j/k

I’ve found canned sardines (which you should have in abundance in Canada) to be cheaper and tastier than canned tuna. Lots of omega 3s in those little suckers and lots of flavors to choose from. Brunswick is a good brand.

[quote]fedorov91 wrote:

Rule 2: No Alcohol!

Rule 3: Look for sales

Rule 4: Mooch off of your roommates food

Rule 5: Plan every purchase &


ok i eat alot of noodles, thinking of substituting them for veggies as i eat very little. On a side note whats the verdict on lipton sidekicks? yay or nay? as in noodles, well rice too i guess

I like some of those Lipton sidekicks and other rice and noodle packs, but they’re filled with a lot of junk ingredients, and a shitload of sodium.

Here’s what I’d do. First, get a basic rice cooker, or a combo rice cooker/crock pot. Next, get a big freaking bag of rice(white or brown). Add in frozen peas, corn, and other mixed veggies(canned will work too). Add in some spice blends(look for big tubs of oregano, pepper, thyme, etc). In less than 1 hour, you have a great big pile of rice mix. Now, scramble a dozen eggs, and dump into the rice mix. Put this in empty cottage cheese containers or whatever tupperware you have, but you should have 8-12 containers of rice mix.

Next, I’d slow-cook whatever Pork chops/roasts you have. When done, shred(pull) the pork apart so it resembles barbecue without drowning in sauce. Add the pork into each of the containers. Finally, add a little soy sauce or gravy to the roaster to deglaze the pan. Pour some of this sauce into each container. This should be enough “poor-man’s” fried rice to last a week or so.

Look for bags of frozen fruit. Walmart has tons of it for cheap. Buy bags of mixed berries, peaches, etc. Add these into Grow! shakes, and it is incredible.

Skip the noodle packs, as they too are pricey for what they contain. If you have a decent sized freezer, ask the butcher about “last-date” meat discounts. i befriended one of the butchers at Kroger, and he always had a big supply of meat on the last “salable day.” I put this in a deep freezer, and it is fine. i was getting 1.25# Black Angus Porterhouse steaks for $4.00, when they are normally $8-10. Using this technique, I bought about $80-100 worth of meat a week for about $50!!! Needless to say, I had a lot of good steaks and roasts. I hope this helps, -Starkdog