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Eating Naked



I saw the above recently and it got me thinking that as preposterous as the idea sounds, it's actually probably pretty powerful when you consider the enhanced "body awareness" element. Could you really polish off that half pint of Haagen Daaz if you're sitting there with your spare tire staring back at you?

Hardly practical for public practice but it is thought provoking nonetheless.


Skinny cracker bitch needs to eat a sammich.

she has the body of a 12 year old asian boy


An ex GF of mine used to put her bikini on before meal times (at home obviously) in the month or so leading up to holidays. Like many women she would basically crash diet in the few weeks before going on a beach holiday, but she just went that one step further by doing it in her swimming costume.


sooooo....you like 12 year old asian boys????? You probably aren't the only
one, she's pretty popular.


Not what I was expecting when I opened this thread.

Needs pictures, I think.


OK So I call her a bitch and says she needs to eat and compare her body to a small child.

Then some how that makes me a pedo?

I have no fucking clue who she is, she is just some white, blond, anorexic with to much plastic surgery.

If you were trying to be funny you failed.


I'm purdy shore he likes em like this heuhn.


Nope not dark enough, but the beer is nice.


someones very butthurt for some reason.

and has obviously caught teh ghey.

Im almost certain Ive read thats shes said she hasnt had surgery, on her body at least.

haterz gonna hate

[insert all other appropriate meme phrases]



I was going to post another pic but this will do



I'm pretty much naked around the house all the time. Eating naked isn't much different than eating clothed. Never had a real spare tire, though.


Powerful idea bro!


(hmmm...hillbillies have purdy good taste in wimmenz)


I'd rape her. I mean, when I'm chasing her down a dark alley it means she's dtf.


Man I'd like to take her out for burritos, then bring her back to my place and give her a SPECIAL burrito, if you know what I'm saying!!

(I keep some high-end frozen burritos in my freezer. They're really good)


Okay this thread just locked up for me,

Damn my bad.


I like Selma, but her teeth to boob ratio is all screwed up.


She looks just like my next ex-wife


Dunno, man. Dunno. Ratio looks good to me.


That is spectacular!