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Eating More Vegetables


I love vegetables, but apparently not enough. On a low-carb diet, how are you supposed to get 40-50g of carbs from just vegetables?? I'm starting Berardi's Get Shredded Diet next week and he says 10-15% of your calories should be from carbs coming from vegetables only.

Over 4 meals, this means you would have to eat between 5 and 10 ounces of vegetables at each meal. Do I just need to learn how to eat more vegetables or am I missing something here?


I may be wrong, but doesnt the carb content vary quite a bit from vegetable to vegetable? spinach vs eggplant. Why not incorporate some berries and other fruits into the mix.



and learn to eat more vegetables...lol


Eat your "normal" veg, and fill the rest with beans.


I'd recommend spinach to start. If you cook it within the rest of your normal food, it shrinks quite a bit. So instead of eating a bowl of salad or a huge side of veggies, you can eat it within your normal meal w/o feeling overly stuffed.


It does vary a hell of a lot.

Broccoli 100g: 3g Pro / 7g Carb

Cauliflower 100g: 3.6g Pro / 3.6g Carb

Lettuce 1 cup: 1g Pro / 2g Carb

Butternut Squash 100g: 1.1g Pro / 8.3g Carb

This stuff isn't hard, just requires a little work on your part.



I eat spinach, lettuce, or broccoli with every meal. It really helps keep me full in meals without starchy carbohydrates.


yes, it does vary that's why I said 5 to 10 ounces. I compiled a list for myself of how to get 10g of carbs from 10 different vegetable sources and it varies from 4oz of carrots to 10 oz of spinach. that's a lot of spinach in one sitting! guess I gotta suck it up and eat my vegetables. i wish juicing were simpler, i wouldn't mind chugging my vegetables.


for the fruits and beans recommendations, I'm on Berardi's get shredded diet, where he recommends all carbs to come from vegetables. I'm guessing this is due to the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.. but the diet was written before superfoods was available. I'll see how it goes, and maybe I'll cut my vegetable servings in half and just have some fruits at night.


dont do this on the get shredded. Stick with green vegetables


Incorporation of berries will only help you get lean. Other fruits, not so much.

One way to get loads of veggies is stir fry. Zuchini with Red Bell, mushrooms, and chicken is pretty good. Adding a low cal sauce like soy, you can get you a meal that fits your bill.


During my contest prep, I was ingesting lbs of raw broccoli and lettuce every day to act as 'filler' in my diet. I found that a lot of competitors don't count the green veggies toward their daily carb numbers, and I did likewise.



damn stu. every time I see that you've responded to a post, I read it. lookin bad ass! congrats.


... Apparently i'm getting 65-80 grams of useable carbs from veggies.

I have 2 stir fry Meals a day, (asian what can i say). So getting veggies in is no problem. Farting alot apparently is to people around me.


I'm in the same boat... except I'm white.


Anyone in the habbit of stir frying without oil? slice up meat, cook in non stick pan, add veg, some spice/soy sauce/whatever, serve. Fastest damn bit of cooking ive done and perfect for individuals that art particulary anal with their macros for P+C meals.

I use a whole damn family packet for this of the supermarkets value brand. Carrots, beansprouts, cabbage and onion. YUM!


i'm a big fan of sprinkling Molly McButter Cheede Sprinkles over a bowl of raw broccoli and then nuking it for about 30 seconds. Makes it a lot easier to down.



Benmoore just described my dinner which i have been using to lean down for the past few weeks.

Yeah, people go " NO OIL! WOnt it taste like..." and i say "vegetables? well it is a vegetable stir fry."

basically i use a soy sauce, which has 2g protein per table spoon. Am i growing boobs? No, not yet. Maybe the Broccoli and anti estrogenic vege i eat are helping with that.


I have some kind of spicey moroccan herb/spice mix thing.

Its really nice though... you dont realise how much cooking oil can dominate the flavour of the dish.

Subtleties ftw!


Soy sauce is usually fermented which kills the estrogenic compounds in it. That's if you buy real soy sauce where it says fermented soy on the ingredients (some are so fake there's no soy in it at all).

some fermented safe soy is:
traditional soy sauce

Also did you know in english soy beans are named after soy sauce, not the other way around?