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Eating More on On or Off Days?


Hi guys I’m on a diet following 5/3/1 every other day, so far I’ve been eating 300-500 more calories on the says I train for recovery but would it be better eating them on the off days so I feel stronger for the next day?



conventional wisdom dictates you keep calories and carbs higher on days you train, but if it averages out the same over the course of a week I doubt there’ll be much difference.


As of my humble experience; I eat more or at least to maintenance of training days, the extra calories are from carbs. On non-training days, I reduce the total calories below maintenance but increase protein more than other days and reduce carbs. That way I feel more stronger and energized. It may work for me but not for others.


For a while I was eating more on workout days, and less on non workout. I was getting a more cut look, but I felt that my lifts were being affected. Now I just eat more or less the same amount everyday, with 1 or 2 days of eating whatever just to stay sane. Depends on what you want I suppose. If you want the covermodel look you will have to eat less and accept that performance will probably go down a bit.