Eating More: Mood Changes?

My mood has been a lot better since I’ve started to eat more, since I’m trying to put on muscle (obviously). Has anyone experienced this before? I went from a diet of 1800-2200 calories, to my current diet which is 2800-3000 calories. I just feel more happy and content during the day where before I was more prone to feel anxious at times.

I feel fat more often.


Yeah, food makes me happy to, mate.

That’s how we animals are built you know?

More protein, less carbs, especially less fast carbs (high GI carbs), many small meals instead of few big ones - all that makes the body function better, more stable. That was my experience. Before lifting, I had horrible eating habits. I often felt like I had no energy. Guess what, it was the diet.

Fix the diet, start working out, and all sorts of good things happen. It’s not rocket science, but it’s amazing how many people don’t make the least effort in this direction.

I’m loving the big breakfast. Shit, there was a time when I didn’t even eat breakfast. Now, I couldn’t even imagine skipping it. I’m not a huge fan of sweets and junk food, but my biggest problem in the past is that I hardly ate because I had a small appetite. My appetite has definitely gotten better now that I workout.

I still don’t understand why my anxiety is so much better now. It’s something that I’ve been struggling with for years.

Well one thing that is possible is that carbs( I don’t know how you eat) are a mild depresant and can leave you feeling relaxed.

[quote]Digity wrote:
I still don’t understand why my anxiety is so much better now. It’s something that I’ve been struggling with for years.[/quote]

Really!? My anxiety has worsened for sure, I cant go to the gym without getting an anxiety attack and I’ve never had one in the gym but I get Panic attacks regularly too…makes training and the diet so much more difficult to follow but in saying that I dont let it stop me in either department!
Just wish there was a cure!

Well, my mood has gotten allot better after changing up my diet in general.

And you know, I’m actually turned off by junk food now. I tried to enjoy a bite of my fav ice-cream cause i wanted to have a cheat day (i haven’t had one… since… I can’t remember… 5 months? 6? god it was awful).

Guess its all the whole-foods, and regular-blood sugar levels, instead of insulin spikes at random times of the day huh.

My theory is that it has something to do with my testosterone level. I think it was low before and maybe now it’s being normalized with the combination of diet change and exercise.

I’ll add that my nuts are aching…meaning my libido is quite high at the moment and I’ve always felt that I had a low sex-drive…which is another indication of low testosterone.

Well, yeah! I don’t know anyone that feels fan-freaking-tastic eating low calories.