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Eating Made Simple


bb.com is to bodybuilding as McDoanld’s Certified Food Specialist is to fine cuisine.


that’s some crappy diet he suggested to muscle up-lol


The first picture of him was kind of creepy. It looked like he wanted to rape me. Fucking pedophiles.

And the advice was crap.

His name is as gay as his plan

Actually, I think that stuff would help a lot of beginners from ‘paralysis analysis’ and overthinkign stuff.


Do You Go Through A Bulking Phase?

Yes 110 (60.4%)
No 72 (39.6%) HUH?

[quote]AlterEgo721 wrote:
His name is as gay as his plan [/quote]

You will look like him if you follow his plan.

The kid is 22, and although he does seem pretty enthusiastic, if you follow the links to his site, and his ‘tv clips’ (guess he wants to be a ‘fitness celebrity’ like John Abdo -lol), and photos, you see that he obviously wants to be more of a model than any sort of athlete, bodybuilder, or whatever. THere’s lots of pics of him doing his best serious (think Zoolander) faces.

ANyway, at best, most of the male models you see are around 150-160 lbs at 6’. Nothing any of us really want to emulate anyway. I recall an old Bally’s ad that ran when I was first starting to work out. My friend Scott was a few years older, and got me into training. He was pretty big, and we were watching a hockey game when ths spot came on.

“this could be your chest” (camera shows some model’s chest)

“These could be your arms” (shots of the dude’s arms)

“these could be your legs” (some skinny ass male models’ legs)

AT this point Scott chimes in… ‘Yeah, if I STOPPED training’


they showed legs on a fitness commercial ? that’s a first

They fail at giving good advice, and they fail at spelling names correctly.

" By: Stuart Schaefer"

Then look at AlterEgo’s post.

Now I’m not a rocket scientist, but at least I know how to write my own goddamn name!