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Eating Leftover Pulp from Juicers


Looking @ getting a juicer. Again...
It sounds like a lot of people love their juicers, but hate the fact they loose the fiber in the pulp that is discharged from the side shoot.
Has anyone thought about eating or just swallowing the pulp to get the fiber?
I cant imagine there would be anything wrong with doing this.


Thanks brothers.


I had the Jack Lalange juicer. I used it once,I could eat all the fruit I juiced quicker than I could clean the juicer.


I was thinking more about the veggies.
Im not a fan of veggies, but unstand their importance per nutrients. Id rather just juice em and down em fast


When you see the jack shit juicer after using it..you will want to trash it. Ive heard of people using it to thicken soups and stuff..



Any of these things that say cleanup is easy are full of shit. I do like me some juice too.



I use the pulp as a thickener for things sometimes, it's def ok to eat. Juice your veges and eat your veges.


You could just put all your veggies into one of those 6HP Vitamix blenders and drink the resulting puree of both juice and fiber together.


I hear you about the Jack LaLanne juicer. I have one too and cleaning it sucks.

I'll use the veggie pulp as a thickener in chili, and it isn't half bad at adding cohesiveness to things that typically call for breadcrumbs - like meatloaf - or sneak it in between the layers in lasagna.

It tastes like the Jolly Green Giant's shit plain though.