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Eating Late at Night

I mean we’ve all been there…
Its 2:30 in the morning we’re out with out friends and we’re hit with this sudden animal like hunger. So you stop at wawa, mcdonalds, or some other shitty place and stuff your face…
well that’s atleast what I did last night…haha…

But I know that late night eating is not good at all and probably should be avoided. But my question is if you do eat late night…
what should you eat?

Eat protein and fat, unless you’re low on your days intake of carbs, then eat some carbs too and don’t worry too much about one day.

Eating late at night’s not always bad.

I’d say going without eating for 5+ hours while still awake is worse than having to eat late at night.

Shit, my pre-bedtime meal is:

lofat plain yogurt while I’m grilling
1lb gound beef
shake (whey protein)

All that just before I go to bed and I’m not fat.


If it’s a grocery store, go to the deli section and buy a pack of sliced turkey or roast beef. Eat it. Hunger abated.